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Just The Same

July 24, 2011
by John Stuart   —   Audio controls are below the devotional to listen to this devotional

Hebrews 13:8 – Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (NIV)

I've been struggling recently with all of the changes that are happening across the world, throughout society, and even in the Christian Church. I've been wrestling with my faith and trying to make sense of all the decisions that have been made at church conferences across the globe. I feel as though the Christianity that I have known for most of my life has suddenly changed, and that the sacred things I once believed in have all been cast aside. It can be disheartening at times, but then I come across a verse like today's, and I remember that my faith is not about me; it's all about Jesus, who is the same yesterday and today and forever.

When those words from Hebrews were first written, the First Jewish-Roman War was taking place in Judea. The Jews had revolted against Roman occupation and so the Roman imperial troops were sent in en masse to suppress the people. Four years of a horrific war took place, culminating in the destruction of the temple and the flattening of Jerusalem itself. Both Jews and Christians had to flee the emperor's wrath, and after the revolt was over, Christians endured another two centuries of Roman persecution.

The purpose of this letter, therefore, was to encourage the Christians in Judea to remain faithful in the midst of unjust and painful circumstances. The writer of this letter urged his Christian readers to hold on to Christ's teachings and to remember that, no matter what they experienced, Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Changes may occur all around us, but Christ never does. He is what makes us Christians; His constancy is what helps us to endure.


    Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same.
    All may change, but Jesus never! Glory to His name!
    Glory to His name! Glory to His name!
    All may change, but Jesus never! Glory to His name! Amen!
      – Albert B. Simpson

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About the author:

John Stuart <traqair@aol.com>
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

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