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Proverbs 22:28 – Do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set. (NKJV)

In the area where I spent my childhood, there was an old iron bridge. It spanned the river on a dirt road, marking the one road the residents of Ellabelle community had for getting to the next town. Over the years, a modern highway has come through the area and crosses the river with its large concrete pillars firmly planted deep into the ground. One can still stand on the highway and see the iron bridge sitting where it has been for so many years.

This bridge has been saved as a landmark of our county's history and as one which testifies to the durability of the iron. This bridge connects the present generation with ancestors who lived in another day and time, but still had knowledge of how to solve their problem of crossing a river.

Blessed are those who have benefited from the wisdom and hard work of ancestors. Blessed too are those of us today who have been rewarded by having the truths of the Bible and the teachings and love of Jesus Christ passed on to us.

The old iron bridge is outdated, but the principle for which it was built remains the same: the need to cross the river and get to the other side. The present generation has the same need: to cross the river. They do it with strong cement foundations, but the need is the same.

Similarly, today there are many changes in the way people worship. We have inherited a style of worship that is filled with rituals, ceremonies, and set patterns of worship, with robed choirs and instruments such as organs and pianos. Instead, many people today want a relaxed kind of contemporary music. A new generation prefers informal dress, with pants and loose pullover shirts. Worship involves praise teams, using video projection technology and electronic musical instruments.

But the need is the same today as yesterday. We human beings owe our deepest praise, thanksgiving, and worship to the one we call the Lord God Almighty, the One who created us in the beginning and later gave His life on the cross that we might be saved and have eternal life.

Laws change, techniques change, images and ways of doing things change, but God holds true forever.

Prayer: Thank You, Father, Creator, Spirit, and supreme power above us all. Show us Your steadfast truths that remain the same. We know that You, our Creator and Sustainer, are always present, ready when we call. You will remain steadfast forever. Amen.

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