Those Dreaded Comparisons

Sunday, July 10, 2011
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Romans 5:18 – Adam's one sin brought condemnation upon everyone, but Christ's one act of righteousness makes all people right in God's sight and gives them life. (NLT)

There are three boys in my family. As I compare myself to my brothers, I discover stark differences. I was the firstborn and have a Type A personality. My parents expected much of me. They taught me responsibility through chores and through encouragement to make wise financial decisions early in life. Rules for behaviour were displayed in a frame and hung on my wall. But I'm not bitter. I have reaped a harvest of good habits and traits.

My middle brother had the "middle child syndrome" as he grew up. He kept to himself and remains the same even at forty-one. He talks little except in small groups and minds his own business. His personality is quite the opposite of mine. In many ways, he is a true Type B: laid back. He and I have always been close.

I'm not sure where my younger brother falls in the mix. While he and my middle brother were close and shared similar interests, he and I never were and never did.

In today's Scripture, Paul compares Adam and Christ. One disobeyed, and his sin affected the entire human race. The other obeyed and opened the possibility for all human beings to be accepted by God.

Comparisons have their merits, but often, they discourage more than encourage. I see others with incomes I yearn for or material possessions I wish I owned. I view other geographical areas and desire to live there, or I witness others in relationships that appear healthier than mine.

I have decided that the only person worth comparing myself to is Christ. He is my model, the standard. When we strive to obey His teachings and live our lives as He did, we'll never go wrong and we'll never be frustrated. Let's trust Him to give us what we need.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, show us who we are comparing ourselves to. Help us to keep our eyes on You. Amen.

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