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Friday, April 8, 2011
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During the mid 1950s, when I was in my teens, we had no television set. They were out of our "price range". We did, however, have a very good radio which provided many hours of excellent entertainment for the entire family.

One such programme was "What's My Line?" Contestants with unusual occupations were interviewed by four panellists. Only questions with a "Yes" or "No" answer were allowed. At the conclusion of the questioning, the panel attempted to guess the contestant's occupation. There were also "mystery guests", usually famous people who would disguise their voices, and the panellists had blindfolds while asking their questions. Again, at the end, they tried to guess who it was. Each contestant was awarded five dollars for every "No" answer. (Five dollars then would buy two steak dinners.) The games ended when ten "No" answers had been given, or the identity of the guest or their occupation had been guessed. It was great entertainment!

Another such programme was "Twenty Questions", hosted by Stuart Macpherson. Panellists were given only the clue of "animal", "vegetable", or "mineral". They had only twenty questions to try and solve the mystery. They were very good at it and often succeeded at solving the mystery.

One day, Jesus was walking with His disciples from Galilee towards the villages of Caesarea Philippi when He asked them:

Mark 8:27b-28 – "Who do the people think I am? What are they saying about me?" "Some of them think you are John the Baptist," the disciples replied, "and others say you are Elijah or some other ancient prophet come back to life again." (TLB)

Jesus then put the question directly to His disciples: "Who do you think I am?" Contemplating the scene, I can almost "see" the disciples, especially "doubting" Thomas, exchanging cautious glances, not wanting to say the wrong thing! Suddenly Peter affirms, "You are the Messiah." (verse 29)

Peter's revelation of his own personal faith was the same life-changing revelation that comes to every soul who is seeking to find a faith in God. It is the world-changing revelation which eventually led to the foundation of the Christ-centred Christian churches we have today! If you have not yet decided who Jesus is, for you, please ask God to tell you — and patiently await His reply.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we ask You to reveal Yourself to every soul who is searching for a personal Saviour. Reveal to them, as You revealed to everyone who has trusted You, that Jesus is the Messiah. Amen.

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