God Answers Our Prayers

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
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Jeremiah 33:3a – Call to me and I will answer you. (MSG)

Recently, just out of the blue, one of my grandsons said to me, "Grandma, did you know that God answers prayers in three ways?" I was interested in his answer to that question, so my ears perked right up, and I replied, "Let's hear it, buddy."

Daniel said, "Yes, sometimes God says 'Yes'; sometimes, God says, 'No'; and sometimes, God says, 'Wait'." I was excited to hear him say this, and agreed wholeheartedly.

A few years ago, we were staying at his place while his parents went on a winter vacation. He had been saving his money to buy a special toy. He prayed every night that the toy would be in the store that week. We went a couple of times to see if the toy was in, but to no avail. As I was tucking him in bed one night, he said how disappointed he was. So I told him that God answers our prayers in three ways. Sometimes, He says, "Yes"; sometimes, He says "No"; and sometimes, He says, "Wait". I was so encouraged to see that it was a light-bulb moment for Daniel.

Now a few years later, he has remembered the principles of that little talk — even though he may not remember that it was I who had told him so in the first place. That isn't the point. It doesn't matter. What matters is that he remembers. Bless his heart! My prayer is that he will always remember not just that one truth, but more truths straight out of God's Word.

Do we believe that God answers prayers in different ways?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, so many times, we pray and pray and pray, and it seems that You are not listening, because we aren't receiving the answer that we want. But Father God, Your answer is there. We are just not hearing it. It could be "No" or "Wait". Help us, we pray. Amen.

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