Night Light For Izzie

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
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Genesis 1:16 – God made two great lights — the larger one to govern the day, and the smaller to govern the night. (NLT)

Her name is Izzie, and since she is the family's youngest, we all delight in having her with us. Last Friday evening, we took Izzie out to dine and to experience the pastry market, where she toddled the aisles with great glee. Nothing in the market really captured her attention, for she would not hold still for very long.

Feeling exhausted from the chase, we took Izzie into our arms and crossed the parking lot to leave. It was here that she looked up — looked up with her moon-pie eyes — and saw that great orb waxing toward fullness high in the night sky. It was her first look at the moon. Nothing she had experienced that night had stilled her to such a profound degree. If we tried to divert her attention, she would simply lift her gaze back to the night sky. Once again, stillness would wrap itself around her in such a profound way that the busyness of the parking lot folded into a mere backdrop. A heavenly hush enveloped all of us. And seated in that hush, Izzie slowly searched the night sky looking to find another waxing light. Finding none, she let her eyes hold on to the moon with awe.

Psalm 111:2 – How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. (NLT)

And ponder we did! When was the last time we even gazed at this same moon with Izzie's amazement? Our Redeemer spoke this light into creation with but a breath! In the stillness of this night, I paused, surrendered, and remembered our Creator and the works of His hands.

Prayer: Thank You, mighty Father, for Your mighty works toward man. Help us, Lord, to have hearts that expand with awe and delight in knowing that You hung that night light for Your children. We thank You for it and for wee ones like Izzie, who help us to look up and ponder what is pure and to sing, "How great Thou art". Amen.

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Westminster, South Carolina, USA

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