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In three most important ceremonies in my life, I gave my solemn promises, vows, and agreements. I gave assent to, and made my marriage vows from my heart to the boy I loved, I made my renewed covenant vows to Jesus Whom I love, and I made my Australian citizenship vows to my Lord, about my beloved Australia. In each case, I spoke a solemn, heartfelt "Amen" to God.

"Amen" itself is an affirmation, confirmation, and declaration of believed truths. "Yes!" "It is so." "So be it." "I agree." But, for all the sincerity and solemnity in my heart on those three occasions, it pales in comparison with the vows, promises, and agreements God makes with us, His people — and also with those people not yet His, for "him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." (John 6:37b ASV)

2 Corinthians 1:20a – God has made a great many promises. They are all "Yes" because of what Christ has done. (NIRV)

We are free to read all those promises at any time, with the understanding that God in our Lord Jesus Christ has already said, "Yes!" "Amen." "So be it." — to as many promises as there are in His Word.

2 Corinthians 1:20b – So through Christ we say "Amen." We want God to receive glory. (NIRV)

When we say our "Amen" from sincere hearts to God's promises, to His words, this becomes completely life-giving and life-changing. It means we believe Him! And as we believe His words which are "spirit" and "life" (John 6:63), this quickens us, opens us, fills us, moves us, changes us, and brings us to the place where clearly, audibly, enthusiastically, we dare to utter, even shout, "Amen!" "So be it," "I agree."

God takes much pleasure in sincere hearts. Ah, yes, it is the sincere, enthusiastic, loving belief in our "Amens" that makes them pure in God's sight, and ever leads us to higher places in the knowledge of God — by His grace.

Revelation 3:14b – These are the words of the Amen, the trusty and faithful and true Witness, the Origin and Beginning and Author of God's creation. (AMP)

Who is the Amen in this Scripture? The "words of the Amen" mean the words of the Christ Himself. Again, we see that our Lord Jesus Christ is the guarantee, the confirmation, the "Yes", the "Amen", of all God's promises to us and His agreements with us.

So let us ever bear in heart and mind, when we say our "Amens" from sincere hearts, that we are already agreeing with the great Amen Himself, Jesus our Lord Christ, Master, and Creator of all heaven and earth. May we have the belief that leaps up into the will of God and shouts, "Amen!"

Prayer: Blessed, loving, and patient Lord, thank You for helping us to further understand Your Word, Your promises, Your vows, Your agreements today. May we ever reveal by our conduct, and unashamedly declare our transformation and conformity to Your divine will, with total agreement "Amens" from loving, believing hearts, to bring You glory. In Your gracious, holy name, we pray. Amen and Amen!

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Rosemary Renninson
Westbury, Victoria, Australia

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