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Saturday, October 10, 2009
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Psalm 69:30 – I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. (NIV)

Yesterday, about noon, we had the first snowfall of the year. I was out running an errand over the lunch hour, when, as the weather reports warned us, the snowflakes started to fall. Anyone I met during the course of the afternoon was not ready for winter to set in yet.

Although our summer was very cool, we had an incredible September to help make up for it. Now, it seemed that winter was on its way. By the end of the work day, there was a blanket of snow on the cars in the parking lot, and our car windows needed scraping.

I wasn't looking forward to the homeward commute, because drivers usually forget to slow down, and as a result, we have a lot of automobile accidents. However, I knew that it was important to get behind the wheel and drive, so that I wouldn't be afraid to drive in the snow. The road was very slippery all the way home.

Although I arrived home safely, there were plenty of others who were involved in automobile accidents. In fact, the ambulance companies were kept really busy and just couldn't keep up with the demand for their services.

This experience reminded me of something important. It took me years before I could drive the car in these weather conditions, and this was only because God helped me to acquire the skill and confidence to do so. Often when I'm driving, I remember that this is God's way of showing that He loves me.

This Thanksgiving, we should take time to reflect on God's love for us and how it has been manifested in each of our lives many times over. There is a multitude of things to be thankful for, but let's put God's love at the top of the list this year.

Prayer: Gracious God, we have many things to be thankful for at this time of year. Your love for us is precious. Help us to take time to reflect on the magnitude of this gift, and what it means to us. Amen.

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