He Is Risen

April 13, 2009
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Over the period of a few weeks in Sunday School, the lessons have been about the rewards of salvation, abundant life, and eternal life, given to us when we believe and receive the Lord Jesus Christ into our hearts. I'm nine years old. It's Easter Sunday. Given our final instructions, a small group of us enters the church service. The little Methodist Chapel is packed. We sing a number of rousing hymns and choruses: "He is Risen", "He Lives", and so on, and the sermon follows. Finally, the invitation comes: "Those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and want Him to come into your hearts, may come forward to receive Him." Nervously, but very sure I want this, I walk to the front, and as I am prayed for, I feel a physical lurch in my body, a lump in my throat, and huge happiness in my heart. Right there, my young life changes. I am safe. I am not alone. Jesus is inside me all the time. By God's perfect grace, those changes, which occurred that Easter Sunday, still pervade my whole being to this present day.

Luke 24:6a – He is not here, but He has risen. (NASB)

Easter 2009: Christians all over the earth celebrate the miracle resurrection of our Lord. He is risen! He is alive!

Everything about our Lord is gloriously unique: His birth, His life, His death, His resurrection, His eternity. Jesus in our lives makes us unique human beings also. Through our Jesus, resurrection life, everlasting life — and all that He gives — is ours.

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. (KJV)

Let us remember all He has appropriated for us, as we celebrate with honour and humility in this Easter season. Jesus' resurrection power working in and through us is the evidence in our lives that we are indeed children of God. Through Jesus' resurrection, we have the divine guarantee of His justification and reconciliation to God. Jesus' resurrection is like our seal, our surety, not only that we are reconciled to God, but also that we are made righteous, and we can live resurrection-power-filled lives.

Prayer: O Lord, high praises we offer to You in grateful prayer, celebratory song, worship, and in holy communion. Thank You from our hearts for all You have sacrificially wrought for us and in us. Heavenly Father, may we ever be happily testifying to all humanity of Your perfect salvation plan. In Jesus' saving name, we pray. Amen and Amen.

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Rosemary Renninson
Westbury, Victoria, Australia

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