Never Give Up

October 8, 2008
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James 5:7 – Be patient, then, my brothers, until the Lord comes. See how patient a farmer is as he waits for his land to produce precious crops. He waits patiently for the autumn and spring rains. (GNB)

One of my uncles bought apple seeds and raffia palm seeds. He planted these seeds on same day on the same farmland, divided into two plots, each with enough manure. After a short while, the apple seeds germinated and grew to a certain height, but the raffia palm seeds were still dormant in the soil. After the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth years of harvesting apples, the raffia palm seeds germinated in the soil. My uncle, who had almost forgotten about the raffia, became so happy.

After tapping palm wine from the raffia palms for the first year, a serious storm came and destroyed everything on the farm, except for the raffia palms — which were able to resist the storm.

My uncle still taps palm wine from the raffia palms, but the apple trees have long since been destroyed.

The raffia palms took a long time to grow in the soil, sending their roots deep, gripping the soil, in order to withstand the storms of life when fully grown.

We may have been praying to God for jobs, for healings, and for solutions to many other problems, but we may have had no solutions yet. We should not give up, even if we see others progressing, others being healed, and others with problems similar to ours seeming to obtain solutions to their problems. Just like the raffia palm seeds, the Lord is preparing us to be able to withstand the storms of life when our prayers are answered.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, give us the strength to withstand the trials we are facing now, and to be able to wait patiently for Your answers to our prayers. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Humphrey Njoamoh <>
Bamenda, North West Province, Republic of Cameroon

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