Looking! Hunting! Searching!

Saturday, July 26, 2008
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Isaiah 60:20 – Your sun will no longer set, neither will your moon wane; for you will have the Lord for an everlasting light. (NASB)

Looking! Hunting! Searching! How many times have we misplaced something and needed to find it? How frustrating it can be when we know we just saw it yesterday! And we need it tomorrow, or sooner! Where could it have gone?

I have had many a day such as I described here. Once, it was dusk outside, so inside the house, it was poorly lit as well. I rambled into one room, searching here, searching there, searching everywhere, but to no avail. Then, I realized the dimness in the room and decided to turn the light on in order to help me see where I was looking. Once again, I searched here, there, and everywhere, looking into the once darkened areas of the room. This time, though, the lost was found! How pleased I was! How excited I was! How I rejoiced that I had found it!

The Lord is our light! He is an everlasting light! He shines His light into every nook and cranny of our hearts — into those darkened areas that we want to keep hidden at times. He knows we need to look into those corners of our heart! Let's be ever conscious of His presence in our lives and His concern for us, even when the going gets rough.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You that You are our light. You shine into every nook and corner of our hearts to reveal the dark hidden things there. You want us to see them as well. Help us to look at those things and not deny them. Stuffing them won't help anything. In fact, stuffing them hinders Your light from shining through us. Stuffing them hinders our growth. Help us to trust You. Amen.

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Judy Miller <gjmiller@telusplanet.net>
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

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