Sailboat Fuel

Thursday, May 15, 2008
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Philippians 1:11 – Jesus Christ will fill your lives with everything that God's approval produces. Your lives will then bring glory and praise to God. (GWT)

What is "sailboat fuel"? The first time I heard that expression, I had to stop and think about it. Motor boats use gas, which is expensive. Gas in the motor gives the boat the power it needs to go zipping across the lake. Canoes gain their power by the use of paddles. The paddles in themselves don't have the power — rather, it is the people utilizing their strength that makes the canoe go. The ones who want to go in a canoe on a lake choose to use the paddles.

But what is sailboat fuel? I realized that it is the wind. The sail is up in the air, the wind blows, and the boat sails along the water. People have to put up the sail in order for the wind to catch the sail and empower the boat. It is the boat's owner who chooses to put up the sail to make it possible to enjoy a day on the lake. Sailboat fuel is free. It costs nothing to us to catch the wind in a sail to be propelled across the lake or ocean.

Jesus shed His blood for us. He did this willingly so that we could have the free gift of eternal life. We can choose to accept that eternal life. We can also choose where we go with our lives after that. We can choose to lift our sails and let the Holy Spirit fill them and empower us to go where He wills. Or we can choose to keep our sails in the boat and stay at the dock. What do we want in our lives — to be where the Holy Spirit leads us, or to be stuck at the dock?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, in our hearts, we do want to go where You want us to go. Sometimes, it is too scary — we don't know where You are leading us. Sometimes, staying put at the dock feels more secure. Soon, though, we realize that life is passing us by. Help us to trust You completely in every area of our lives, and lift our sails for You to fill so that we can live a fulfilled life that brings honour and glory to You. Amen.

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