The Language Of God's Love

Saturday, February 9, 2008
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Romans 4:8 – Blessed is the one against whom the Lord will not reckon sin. (NRSV)

Life's events brought us to Canada to get a life. One of the challenges was to learn a new language. Fifty-six years later, I still speak it with an accent.

When I am asked where I am from, it becomes a guessing game. It's apparent that my accent is a challenge, and many a laugh follows. I am honoured that people think I am from this country or that.

It was not long after arriving that the first trials in the new country began. If I had thought that I did not need God to make it in the new world, I was dead wrong.

A church home was found and fellowship begun with those who also needed God in their lives. We were hungry for God's Word to guide us.

The Bible became a book to learn from. As life's trials targeted us, the language of the Bible became a stronghold and refuge to hold on to, and to enable us to go on.

The language of the Bible as the living Word of God is for life and living. It is for correction and wisdom. It is to be consulted in every possible situation. Most of all, it speaks of God for Whom all things all possible.

The Spirit of truth in the Bible testifies about the beginning and the end in God — the Alpha and Omega. We are in a stream of time, blessed with the divine language of the love of God. We are offered salvation from our sinful nature.

With or without accent, we are blessed to understand each other in the Spirit, and sing glorious praise to the name of Jesus Christ: Christoes, Jeesus Kristus, The Christus — united as one voice.

The old country sent us to the new with Christian traditions and with the built-in need for God's presence for spiritual comfort — the sweet name of Jesus harmoniously on our lips.

One finds out quickly if one is talking to a confessing Christian. We speak the same language in Christ and rejoice in our testimony.

Prayer: Thank You, Spirit of God! You lead Your flock to rejoice in the common bond of Your love. With or without an accent, we give You the honour, united in praise and thanksgiving for the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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