Wednesday, October 17, 2007
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Psalm 46:6 – Nations are in uproar, kingdoms fall; He lifts his voice, the earth melts. (NIV)

They were just questions, the kind that pour out after much exasperation — questions like, "God, have I done nothing right or good?" — the kind of questions that lead to asking the ultimate, "God, am I just a waste of space in your universe?"

Actually, these are questions I bawled out to the Lord after a great disappointment. Never expecting an answer, I went about my days and my duties, growing a tad cold of heart.

Completely forgetting I had ever asked, I sat down at my computer to read my daily devotional. Looking for just the right words to help my vexed soul, I clicked on the devotional, Tender Mercies. As I started reading the first lines of the devotional, I thought, "Wow, someone has had the exact experience I had several years ago." Reading further, I had to yell out, "Hey, wait a minute. This is my stuff — this is a story I wrote!" Only then did I bother to look at the author's e-mail address, and realized that I had submitted this devotional years before, when I was with a different Internet Service Provider. Was I having a senior moment? I had given up writing years before, thinking it was not important — never assuming that the Lord was watching over it.

As I sat silent and stunned before my own writing, a still small voice within could be heard saying, "Well, you did ask Me, didn't you?" My somewhat troubled heart began to melt like snow under the light of a great Son.

Prayer: Holy Father, we thank You and praise You for being the one and only true God Who hears and lifts Your voice to answer. Not only can Your voice make the earth melt, it can melt our hard, troubled hearts like snow under the light of a great Son. Amen.

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Sandra Kay Taylor <>
Westminster, South Carolina, USA

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