Monday, August 6, 2007
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Psalm 31:1 – In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed. (KJV)

I have been on only a couple of motorcycles in my life. The first time was when my older brother owned a motorcycle, and he took me on a ride for a few miles in the country. I wasn't scared at all. I trusted my brother completely. It was fun. Then as a teenager, I went for another ride for a few blocks in a big city. That was also fun and exhilarating. It wasn't scary either. I trusted the driver then, as well.

Now I have a chance to go on a motorcycle ride again. I have been thinking about it and feeling a bit apprehensive. I can imagine our conversation before I get on the bike. I will talk about turning corners safely, not going too fast, and how to let him know if I am scared and want him to slow down. I'm not as trusting as I used to be. Oh, to be a child again! Children are so trusting.

In life, we have corners to turn, too. Maybe they are sharper than we'd like; maybe they are steeper than we'd like; maybe we are traveling faster than we'd like. How do we deal with those kinds of fears?

Psalm 37:5 – Open up before God, keep nothing back; he'll do whatever needs to be done: (MSG)

Let's talk to God about our fears, open up to Him completely, and keep nothing back. He knows our thoughts; He knows our hearts; He knows our minds. Let's choose to trust the Lord. He is our strength and hope.

Jeremiah 17:10 – But I, God, search the heart and examine the mind. I get to the heart of the human. I get to the root of things. I treat them as they really are, not as they pretend to be. (MSG)

Prayer: Lord Jesus, fear can be debilitating, paralyzing. You haven't given us the spirit of fear, God. Help us to trust You in life's circumstances. Help us to take that first baby step towards You in trust. Help us to claim Your truths as our own, Lord Jesus. Help us to be completely candid with You, because You know our hearts and thoughts anyway. Speaking the truth sets us free. We love You, Jesus. Amen.

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