Tender Mercies

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
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Psalm 145:9 – The Lord is good to all, and His mercies are over all His works. (NASB)

One morning as the sun began to light the skies over South Carolina, USA, I heard the chirping of several birds. This seemed odd, as it was a rather cool morning. Wanting to muffle their song and snuggle in bed longer, I pulled the covers over my head. But as my head nestled in the down pillow, there came one thought: "Fill the bird feeder, for winter is coming. You said you would."

And, indeed, I really had said that I would, for this summer I did not. On one of my grouch days in June, I had stepped out on my porch where a small wren sat chirping away at me. I turned to the bird feeder, and it was empty again. Between the birds and the squirrels, the three cylinders of the feeder had been emptied in less than a couple of weeks. Shaking my head at the tiny creature before me, I spoke, "Oh! No way am I filling that feeder again this summer. There are just hundreds of bugs out there messing up my yard. You can just get out there and do your job. Do what birds are supposed to do — eat bugs!" Having said this, I walked back into the house, complaining to myself about the whole business.

I do not know what made me turn and go back out on the porch, but I did. A sound at the porch steps caught my attention. There, taking the steps one at a time, came a small black bird. Hopping up each step, the bird let out a squawk. He let nothing delay him. When he reached the top step where I stood, we met. In his beak he carried one of the biggest grasshoppers I have ever seen. Eyes blinking and thoughts stunned, I cracked a "Well, good for you." Then I pivoted on my heel and went back into the house.

On my side of the door, I just stood silent for a minute or two thinking, "That's crazy, just crazy." But I knew that bird was showing me he most certainly could do the job, and that God's mercies are over all His works. I will fill the feeder this winter!

Prayer: Great I AM, thank You for Your tender mercies toward all. Amen.

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Sandra Kay Taylor <marthaclone31@aol.com>
Westminster, South Carolina, USA

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