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Genesis 32:26 – And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. (KJV)

Relationships are interesting things. Some are kept as closely as the best bookkeeper's books. Everything that each person in the relationship receives from or gives to the other is mentally kept in their mind's column of debits and credits.

Perhaps relationships built on that basis survive because both (or all) parties know and understand that that is the foundation of their relationship and willingly accept it. Sometimes too, it is something of a game to them, each always trying to outdo the other with what they give. But in so striving to be the better giver, are they doing so to look good, or to keep the other person in debt?

When only one person in the relationship keeps track of the checks and balances and the other does not, the relationship is being controlled.

While there may be some systems of belief that keep their believers feeling in the indebtedness column, more important is our relationship with God. Is it one of keeping track of how many good things we've done, while neglecting to count how many He has done and does do for us? Do we perform kindnesses because we like to do them, or because we're hoping they'll put us in the credits column for when we want something from Him? It is my experience that keeping track of the goodness and gifts we are given each day brings one's "books" to overflowing.

Prayer: Lord, may we not base our relationship with You in a debit and credit mentality. May we not take note of what we do, as much as what is done for us. May the blessings we receive each day be so noted with a word of thanks. In Your name, we pray, and give thanks for each day. Amen.

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