Tuesday, May 29, 2007
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John 4:48 – "Unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders," Jesus told him, "you will never believe." (NIV)

"Seeing is believing" is an old saying that reminds us that unless some people see proof of a fact, they won't believe it. There is a Scottish play, which is set in a pub, with a bartender who doesn't believe that elephants exist. His customers keep trying to convince him by describing what an elephant is. No matter how hard they try, he doesn't believe them. They bring in pictures from encyclopaedias and even cut out photographs from the National Geographic magazine, but he still won't buy it. "Unless I see one with my own eyes, I still don't believe elephants exist."

The customers invite him to visit the local zoo, but he's too busy. And when a circus comes to town, they try to get him to come with them to see the show, but he says he doesn't like clowns. Throughout the entire play, they try to convince the bartender that elephants exist, but he remains stubborn and refuses to accept what they say.

At the very end of the play, all the customers enter the pub, after visiting the circus, with a large smile on their faces. From offstage, an elephant trumpets loudly and is heard charging the pub door. The bartender lets out a cry, "Oh, my God!" to which the customers reply, "Naw, it's jist an elephant."

Some people are going to wait all of their lives to see Jesus before they'll believe in Him. Sadly, when they do, it'll be too late. It's up to us as Christians to do all that we can to attract them to Christ and to give them the opportunity to really believe. If we can't convince with our words, we need to let them see how real He is to us through our loving deeds. Perhaps then, they will open their hearts and accept that Jesus exists and believe in Him.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we have family, friends, and loved ones who don't believe in You. Empower us to reach out to them in a loving, caring way that is neither judgmental nor critical, so that they may see You live through us. In Your holy name, we pray. Amen.

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