May 4, 2007
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Ezekiel 34:26 – I'll make them and everything around my hill a blessing. I'll send down plenty of rain in season — showers of blessing! (MSG)

2 Corinthians 1:2 – May all the gifts and benefits that come from God our Father and the Master, Jesus Christ, be yours! (MSG)

For many years when I was a child, we never had running water. Or maybe we did: someone would have to run out to the well to pump it into a bucket and run it to the house. Mom much preferred rainwater for her house plants, though. In the summer, she would set out buckets when it was raining, to catch as much as possible. Often in the winter, she would bring in buckets of snow to melt. Most of this soft water was used to feed her plants, but there were times when she would heat it up on the stove, and we would use it to wash our hair.

In our lives, we can put out buckets to catch God's blessing. He is so willing to give to us if only we will receive. He is continually sending blessings down to us. Sometimes, we don't see them as blessings. A lot of times, we don't have the buckets out there to catch the blessings. Let's have our buckets set out. There are many uses for those blessings that God gives us. Let's be sure to use them to encourage others, to bless others, to confront others if need be, to love others, to support others, to comfort others.

Prayer: O God, how we need You to pour out Your showers of blessing upon us. There are times when You send showers that we don't recognize them as blessings. Help us to receive these showers with open buckets. Pour Your Spirit into us. Then may we reach out to bless others with what You have given us. Amen.

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Judy Miller <>
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

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