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April 30, 2006

A few years ago, I had a falling-out with some people whom I loved and who had supported me through the years. There were many misunderstandings. Until recently, I had not seen most of these people for a very long … (read more)

Great Surveillant

April 29, 2006

Once, privacy was very important. It still is, but there is very little left in our technological society today. I use the Internet, knowing that every word I write can be picked up and read by others — other than … (read more)

The Da Vinci Code

April 28, 2006

It's very hard to read through the Book of Revelation and get what the writer means. There are all sorts of imagery and symbolism in the book, and some of it refers to places and events that are long since … (read more)

It's Boring

April 27, 2006

How many have ever heard someone say, "It's boring"? This seems to be a common expression, especially among youth. A popular detective on television was fond of saying, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime." (Robert Blake … (read more)

Buy One, Get One Free!

April 26, 2006

A few years ago, I opened a home for boys. In faith, I had left a full-time youth ministry to give the young men whom God would send into my life a chance to look at their choices and the … (read more)

A Sower Reaps More Than He Can Sow

April 25, 2006

As followers of Jesus, we know that He has the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. An errand was needed to collect a few donuts and cookies for an early morning meeting. What was to be a regular … (read more)

Clean Vessels

April 24, 2006

Dishes have always been of special interest to me. I have "everyday dishes" and "good china", and for those really relaxed days, I have two-sectioned plates that are microwave safe. My good china is taken out of the china cabinet … (read more)


April 23, 2006

Years ago, I caught myself frowning a lot. I would look in the mirror and see the lines in my forehead. It was an eye-opener. I didn't want those creases to become permanent. I thought about how easy it would … (read more)

My Morning Walk

April 22, 2006

For a moment, I would like to tell of some "treats" I have discovered in unusual places. When I go for an early morning walk, I can't help but notice the ever-changing sky. I listen to the solo chickadee being … (read more)


April 21, 2006

As a child, I was often compared to my siblings. Of course, I never measured up to the rest. It hurt. It caused me to withdraw, to condemn myself, to feel insecure, to feel worthless. I carried that with me … (read more)

What's The Use Of Flowers?

April 20, 2006

A friend of mine used to talk about a quotation from Chapter 20 of "The Catcher In The Rye" by J.D. Salinger: "Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody." The implication of the speaker, Holden Caulfield, is that flowers are … (read more)

God's Account Book

April 19, 2006

The little rural church in which I grew up taught children that God hears every word spoken. Our teacher taught that every word we spoke was a reflection on our God, our church, and our family. This was in the … (read more)

What Do They Do?

April 18, 2006

Years ago, when I was a seminary student, I spent a whole semester as an assistant at a church in a deprived area. It was a very humbling experience, for it taught me how much faith people can have, even … (read more)

New Life

April 17, 2006

Although it was early in the growing season, the trees in the garden were dressed in their full summer greens. Most of the flower beds were filled with a variety of interesting plants, and blossoms of vivid colours accented the … (read more)

Beyond The Sunset

April 16, 2006

Years ago, I was appointed by the Board of World Mission of The Presbyterian Church in Canada to the Peace River country in northern British Columbia, Canada. I had to learn to preach in a hurry, but my greatest joy … (read more)

The Arms Of God

April 15, 2006

"I'm a surgeon in the Gold Coast, Australia," said the voice at the other end of the phone. "Your son is just being wheeled into surgery for a major abdominal operation following a surfing accident. I think it best that … (read more)

His Hands

April 14, 2006

A bedtime back rub in the hospital used to offer wonderful comfort to soothe aching bones and bring on a sound, refreshing sleep. Some nurses had "the touch" that set them apart. Jesus' hands reached out to touch and heal … (read more)


April 13, 2006

My brother Alan is the most caring sibling in our family. He doted on my mother and took special care of her when she was ailing. He took time to wash her hair and make her comfortable. He and his … (read more)

Celebrated Guidelines

April 12, 2006

Recently, I was looking through magazine submission guidelines, when I came across an invitation for authors to submit their work for an elite client. Supposedly, the magazine offered its readers the "ultimate guide to the good life". The editors were … (read more)

Overflowing Nurture

April 11, 2006

It was the Easter weekend, and I was a student far from home. Anxious to see more of California, I took off along with two friends to visit San Francisco. We pitched camp on Good Friday at a resort bordering … (read more)

Holy Week

April 10, 2006

On the night before he was to die, in despair of what he knew was to come, Jesus pleaded with his disciples. In Canada, Ontario winters often seem never-ending. I grew up in Ottawa, trudging through snow as early as … (read more)

Why Palms Before The Lord?

April 9, 2006

Why palms before the Lord? That was one of the first questions I wanted to answer when I started reading about the plants of the Bible. How, I wondered, did all those Passover celebrants coming to Jerusalem from near and … (read more)

It's Rubbish!

April 8, 2006

One recent night, I couldn't sleep, and as I lay awake praying, this thought came to me: the kingdom of heaven is like a recycling depot, with three bins! Yes, Lord, I know You used ordinary incidents in Your parables, … (read more)


April 7, 2006

As Easter approaches, I look forward to preparing Easter dinner for my family. I will put a ham in the oven to cook. I will peel a whole pot of potatoes and make a yummy six-layer dessert. I will hide … (read more)

It's Not About The Bunny

April 6, 2006

What a day it will be — when, as the Scriptures say: No sooner do we see the valentines leave the store, than signs of Easter appear. Depending on where one shops, one can see two very different approaches to … (read more)


April 5, 2006

For our ninth-grade granddaughter, Faith, homecoming was an exciting time. Her long, beautiful, red hair mingled well with the green and gold colours of her cheerleading uniform. Excitement exuded from the school student body at their afternoon pep rally. That … (read more)

Love Grows Cold

April 4, 2006

There's a song that our band, Glenfinnan, sings called "The Water is Wide". It's all about unrequited love, and in one of the verses, the singer woefully expresses the tragedy of being unloved with the words, "But love grows old, … (read more)


April 3, 2006

We recently went on a spring trip to the southwest part of the United States. Here in Canada, we were still in the stages of a very early spring. Snow still dotted our countryside and was never far out of … (read more)

Send For The Mounties!

April 2, 2006

As secretary to the school principal, I was the only clerical employee, so I was allowed to join the teachers in their staff room. The incident I relate happened many years ago, when it was permissible for children to be … (read more)

Piano Versus Synth

April 1, 2006

I have struggled with learning to play the synthesizer in our church band. It has been a huge stretching time for me. As time went on, I felt more comfortable playing it. Then the opportunity came to play the piano … (read more)


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