Gentle Dove

Friday, October 20, 2006
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1 Timothy 2:8 – I desire therefore that in every place men should pray, without anger or quarrelling or resentment or doubt (in their minds) lifting up holy hands. (AMP)

Psalm 134:2 – Lift up your hands in holiness and to the sanctuary and bless the Lord [affectionately and gratefully praise Him]! (AMP)

I remember clearly that I was standing in the bathroom, of all places, and to my thinking, it appeared that my whole world had come crashing down about me. The most valued relationship in my past life and in the foreseeable future, indeed all that I counted most dear, lay in fragments at my feet. I raised my hands to heaven. I said aloud, "It is finished, and all is lost; I cannot go on." Then one of the strangest sensations I have ever experienced emanated from my chest cavity, as though a bird which had been at rest was disturbed and started to flap its wings within my upper body. I lowered my hands and decided at that moment that I could, and would, go on. The sensation stopped. The whole experience did not take more than a moment in time.

This experience occurred early in my Christian journey, and although I knew that the symbolic emblem of the Holy Spirit was the gentle dove, it was some time before I really associated the experience with the Holy Spirit. Although this happened many years ago, when I recall this experience, in my mind, I am watching a video with the audio turned up very loud.

I have since learned many lessons of the Christian faith. To raise one's hands as a Christian is an expression of worship and praise — not the body language of anger, protest, and defeat.

I did go on. God proved His power, His omnipotent power, as these verses remind us:

Jeremiah 32:17-18 – Thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee: thou shewest lovingkindness unto thousands, and recompensest the iniquity of the fathers into the bosom of their children after them: the Great, the Mighty God, the Lord of hosts, is his name. (KJV)

The Lord in all His omnipotent power not only mended the broken fragments of my life, but He did it in such a way that neither seams nor scars remain.

Prayer: Our gracious heavenly Father, help us to remember daily that nothing, no, nothing, is too hard or difficult for You to repair or mend in our world. Help us to expect the impossible to be made possible by Your omnipotent power. Help us to live with expectant hope, hope which will colour our world and give courage to those around us. We pray this prayer in the name of Your Son and our Redeemer and Friend, Christ Jesus. Amen.

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