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Romans 10:13 – Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. (NIV)

Returning from worshipping at the church I attend, I was thinking on my way home that I had not written anything for some time. I had just signed up someone to receive the Daily, and then checked my e-mail to find a single, one-line note of feedback with regards to a devotional I had written back around Easter of the year 2004. After looking in the archives to see what I had written, I sent a note in response.

I have a three-ring binder where I keep all feedback, and I noted that the last thing I had put in there was another response to a devotional that also lay in the archives. It had the same date, but in the year 1999. Again, the theme was Easter.

As I thought about this and re-read the devotionals, I realized once more that Easter is a special time which inspires me, as I talk about our Saviour Jesus Christ. If it were not for the cross, we would have no spiritual life, and we would continue to live in sin, with no hope. It is the love of God that gives us His grace through faith. Through His Son, Jesus, we are saved to eternal life. It is a simple message, but one to warm and soften the heart into acceptance.

Though it is well past Easter and on into summer, nothing really changes. Jesus still stands at the door and waits for us to respond to His call. The love of God never changes, and He is always with us to encourage us and to love us in all the circumstances of life. In His will, nothing is ever lost, so let us be reminded of His sacrifice at Easter all year round.

Prayer: Dear Lord, may we let the risen Jesus enter into our hearts that we may grow to know You. We thank You for Your love given so freely to us by Your grace. We pray for any who have not yet claimed the prize, and pray that this day they will give their hearts to Jesus, praying, "Dear Jesus, thank You for suffering and dying on the cross for me. I now invite You into my heart, asking forgiveness for my sin, that I might live forever with You in Your eternal kingdom." Amen.

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