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Saturday, June 24, 2006
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Ephesians 2:20 – Having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone. (NKJV)

Last year, we had to have our cat of seventeen years put to sleep. He was a gift to me by my husband two weeks after we got married. He knew that I had always had a cat in my life, and he got me a cat even though he was not fond of cats. The decision we had to make was a very difficult one, as the cat had been with us all our married life, and he grew up with our two sons.

A week later, working in my garden, I found that one of my plants had died. No other plants in all my gardens had died, so I had one open place, and it was right in the middle spot of the flower garden. I tried to find a plant of the same colour to replace this open space, but I was unable to find one. Resolved that this place in my garden would remain without a flower, I stopped looking.

Then, a new but already very dear friend, Dorothy, who knew we had just had our cat put to sleep, gave me the gift of a decorative stone — the kind that one puts in a garden. She did not know about the open space in my garden; she had just seen the stone and knew I would love it. When she gave it to me, she said that she had bought it because its appearance was very similar to that of our cat. As you would guess, it fit perfectly in the open space of my garden; in fact, one would think we had planned it. God was watching! When I told Dorothy the story of trying to find a plant for the space, she shared with me that as she goes through her walk with the Lord, many things happen that surprise, and she likes to call them "little treats from Jesus".

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we tend to go through life on our own strength, when all we have to do is turn to You. You love us and want to give us so much. When we turn to You, not only give us "little treats" from Yourself, but also show us how to give "little treats" to others from You. Help us to walk with You in obedience and in fellowship with others, so that we all can share in the "little treats from Jesus". Amen.

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