Unjustly Accused

Monday, May 1, 2006
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Jeremiah 20:18 – Why did I come forth from the womb to see labour and sorrow, that my days should be consumed with shame? (NKJV)

The news media recently carried a story about a man who had been jailed for twenty-four years. Upon DNA testing, he was found innocent and was released. Here was a man whose life — the good productive years — had been taken from him for a crime he did not commit.

I know nothing about this man, but have wondered many times about the thoughts he had during those twenty-four years. Did he, like Jeremiah, curse the day he was born?

I feel sure there were many days when he had those feelings. He told the media that his faith had sustained him, but there must have been days in his lonely and unjust punishment when God seemed far away from him. At times, he must have felt that God was not a God of justice.

We don't understand why God lets such things happen in people's lives. Why do the innocent have to suffer? But we do know there is a God who cares for us.

John 3:17 – For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. (NIV)

This man was wrongly accused, but eventually, justice was obtained. We know that God's plans are far above and beyond our own. There are times in our lives when we are falsely accused, and we feel like we just can't carry on, but God knows the truth, even if the people around us don't. Our relationship with Him and our faith will sustain us. We don't know the answers, but we know the One Who loved us enough to die for us.

Prayer: Lord, we don't understand why things happen as they do, but we do know Who is in control. Grant us faith to trust in You, even when we don't understand. Amen.

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