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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
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John 12:32 – And I, if and when I am lifted up from the earth [on the cross], will draw and attract all men [Gentiles as well as Jews] to Myself. (AMP)

Today, many Christian leaders are urging believers to witness in the workshop, the office — in fact any place of employment — and somehow portray the Christian life. Many years ago, I accepted an office position which I considered to be more quantity than quality, an easy job description, and which would not intrude upon what I believed to be my creative endeavours for my Sunday School program. The salary was not great, but the benefits were to prove tremendous.

Because there were few stores in the area for personal shopping, I took the time to accomplish a lot of preparations for the Junior Church during my lunch hour. On one occasion during the Easter season, I had made a three-dimensional project of the tomb for the little children to assemble, and I wanted to make sure it would stand up, so I had it standing on my desk. One could look through the opening of the darkened tomb and see a picture featuring the empty place where the body of Jesus had rested, together with a small piece of fabric dangling from the side. I remember the head of the payroll department had stood looking at it very thoughtfully. If it brought back Christian memories of long ago, I do not know, but I truly believe it was a crack in the wall of his defence against Christianity.

The company I worked for produced inks for newspapers, books, and many other items. When a new type of product was ordered, it was necessary for the Research and Development department to get into action and experiment with various papers or cardboard which would accept the inks. As the years went by, if the R and D department had leftover materials from this research, they would gather up the many pieces of fine cardboard or assorted papers cut to uniform size, and check with me to see if they could be utilized in the Sunday School program.

Looking back now upon those days, I realized God in His wonderful way had given me a unique approach to cause these men to think of Christianity, using a very practical "working" medium. I cannot say if any of these fine men in the R and D department ever truly became believers in the Christian faith. The only claim I can make is the fact that they caught an interest and enthusiasm to be part of the Sunday School program for the little students. What a joy it would be when the Book of Life is opened to hear even one name read from the list of employees who had worked in the R and D department, who had looked at the empty tomb and discovered the risen Saviour.

Prayer: Our gracious heavenly Father, we pray that we will be very sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He directs our lives this day. May those around us see something special in our presentation of living, which they would desire, and with this desire, seek to know the risen Saviour. We pray in the authority of Your Son, Christ Jesus. Amen.

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