The Windows

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Acts 22:16 – And now what are you waiting for? Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on his name. (NIV)

We live in a century farmhouse. The windows on the inside seem to be the originals, with storm windows having been installed on the outer side in the 1950s. Each window is divided in two. Cleaning the eight sides of these window panes is an engineering feat, since they have to come out completely. There is a means of accomplishing this that includes two screwdrivers, removal of wooden trim, and balance with muscle. I have done this many times over twenty years, and I know that the process consumes time.

A dirty window was in my sight every morning, and it had been neglected far too long. It was time to clean the glass in the windows so that the imperfections would be washed away. The glass required a great deal of cleaning, even scraping, to remove the fly specks and oils. Elbow grease, distilled water, some chemical spray, more distilled water, blade scraper, more water, and elbow grease brought results. To my eye, each window looked cleaned, shined, and ready to receive the bright light of the morning.

Upon awakening the next day, I went straight to that window to see the glory of God's light, but the window was streaked and smudged with spots that hadn't come out. I wondered, "What is going to remove those spots? What is it going to take to make that window bright and shiny? Is it possible for me to make it so? I think not."

But I do know that it is possible for each of us to have our spiritual spots removed and our streaks wiped clean, because this happened to me. I have been washed over and over with perfect results, because Jesus takes care of me. His grace has wiped me, scrubbed me, and removed my stains. This privilege is available to all who call on the name of the Lord and follow His Word, example, and commands.

Isaiah 1:18 – "Come now, let us reason together," says the Lord. "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool." (NIV)

Prayer: Dear Lord, You are the light. In You is no darkness. You have brought the light into the world. Thank You for giving Your Son to light the world. As we deal with life, make us aware of Your love. Help us to be aware of Your desire that we should be perfect, clean, and without streaks of sin. Thank You for the grace that makes us perfect. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Beth Hotchkiss
Desboro, Ontario, Canada

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