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Bringing Others

November 30, 2005

There's an old tradition that the bones of St. Andrew were brought to the east coast of Scotland to a town called Kilrymont in the ninth century. The place became a focal point of faith and learning, eventually becoming known … (read more)

Is God Trustworthy?

November 29, 2005

At six months of age, my twin and I had to go live with two of our aunts (my twin at one place and I at another) for six months because Mom was hospitalized. Having two older children, Dad couldn't … (read more)

Lifted Up And Over!

November 28, 2005

Prayer is a powerful force; it gives strength, encouragement, and a balance to life. I know. I have been the beneficiary of prayer by many people during these past months. Because my prayer warriors reside in many parts of the … (read more)

The Promise Of Hope

November 27, 2005

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. It is the start of the season most Christians look forward to all year. For me, it is a bittersweet day and a bittersweet season. November 27th is the anniversary of my late … (read more)


November 26, 2005

"You aren't listening," said my hubby. "Yes, I am," I responded, though my nose was very definitely stuck in a book. "No, you aren't," he repeated, "because if you were you wouldn't have just agreed to walk barefoot in mud … (read more)

Treats Where We Least Expect Them

November 25, 2005

As I began putting away the things in my suitcase after a recent trip, I found myself looking at an attractive red and white brochure. It reminded me of the day I found an unexpected treat. During our holidays, two … (read more)

Small Mercies

November 24, 2005

Growing up during the great depression of the 1930s, our family didn't have much to spend on the little "extras" of life. We were fortunate, living in the country, that we always had plenty to eat, thanks largely to a … (read more)

A Little Bit Of Heaven

November 23, 2005

I grew up in southern Alberta, Canada. On rare occasions on a cold winter night, we could see the aurora borealis, or more commonly known as the northern lights. After moving to northern Alberta, we were shocked to be able … (read more)

Called By Name

November 22, 2005

Recently, I attended a church where I was a comparative newcomer, and a man said "Good morning, Vena." I was so utterly amazed that I could only stand and stare at him. He not only welcomed me with the customary … (read more)

Nice People

November 21, 2005

Recently, I went on a trip to another city and looked forward to visiting an older couple I've known for a long time. They are the nicest people and don't feel they need God. We human beings prefer to do … (read more)

The Power Of A Name

November 20, 2005

Our given name is our own and is sometimes unique, but our surname or family name is one we share with others. Sometimes the name is so well known it is shared with many different families having no connection with … (read more)

The Great Cause For A Gathering

November 19, 2005

Last winter, I received an attractive postcard in the mail with a picture of pipers on the front, an antique model car, and crowds of people. The words inscribed across the front were, "Cause for a gathering", and when I … (read more)

Lights In The Dark

November 18, 2005

Over the years, we have had thirteen different international students living with us. They always bring small traditional gifts for us when they come — and often when they leave, as well. One gift recently was a small replica of … (read more)

Life Can Be A Zoo!

November 17, 2005

I have learned quite a bit about the Christian walk and its challenges, just by getting together with Christians and listening as they shared their personal experiences. We were not only bonded together, but we realized temptation was a common … (read more)

Half A Biscuit

November 16, 2005

About eighteen months ago, I was in a restaurant having a coffee before Sunday School. At one of the tables, a woman was sitting alone, looking unkempt, unwashed, and untidy. She was having an imaginary conversation with someone who wasn't … (read more)

No Value Until Activated

November 15, 2005

I had purchased a gift card for a friend. In doing so, I tore off the strip that is used as a hanger for display purposes, and without thinking, I left it in the car. Several days later, I rediscovered … (read more)

Seeking The Master

November 14, 2005

When our children were growing up, we purchased a horse called Luckie. Unlike many other things acquired during these years, she did not wear out. After the children were grown, gone away to college, and on to careers and homes … (read more)

Time To Pray

November 13, 2005

A sudden and unexpected power outage can be a shock and a source of frustration to those working in offices where telephone, e-mail, fax, and printing capabilities are all dependent on electrical power. Yet such an event can be a … (read more)

The Bear Collection

November 12, 2005

When my youngest daughter left home a few years ago, she packed her large assortment of stuffed toys to take with her. But as she left her room, she hesitated in the doorway and said, "Mom, the room looks too … (read more)

The Lion And The Lamb

November 11, 2005

We have a Yellow Labrador retriever that weighs 95 pounds. We also have a new kitten. The kitten weighs at the most 3 pounds. When I am alone in the house and working from our home-based office, the dog will … (read more)

A Change Of Plan

November 10, 2005

Recently I turned on the television. Selecting a channel at random, I found a documentary recording the Alaska earthquake. My mind sped into action. I remembered it as though it were yesterday: my husband and I were northbound up the … (read more)


November 9, 2005

Retiring must be hardest for those who have given their lives to serving others. Dad had a heart condition and was forced to retire from the ministry. He had been a carpenter as well. He had carpentry tools and the … (read more)

Morning Snow

November 8, 2005

When I peered out the window early in the morning, I discovered God had sent us snow in all its lovely whiteness. It would be a beautiful snow-glistening day. A couple of inches of the white frozen flakes covered the … (read more)

Call, And He Will Answer

November 7, 2005

Recently, I spent a weekend cooking for 45 very hungry young adults at a camp. I had three helpers who were wonderful. On one of the days, I was making cinnamon buns. I wanted them to be awesome. Unfortunately, in … (read more)

Desires Of Our Hearts

November 6, 2005

Years ago when I was a child, my aunt told me about finding a twig on the street. She took the twig home and sanded it, cut it, varnished it, and made a beautiful necklace from it. She applied this … (read more)

Holy Mountains

November 5, 2005

My husband and I toured the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina late in November — after the leaves had fallen, but before the snow came that would bring the skiers to the slopes. The scenes from the parkway and … (read more)

Doing Our Part

November 4, 2005

I was only twelve when I met my first "street" child. This tousle-haired child already knew what it was like to wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of a drunken argument in the next room. … (read more)

The "I's"

November 3, 2005

The first time I read this verse, I got an attack of the guilts. "I" set out to heal myself. "I" made myself a list full of "my" own personal rules about what kinds of exercise "I" would do, how … (read more)

Give Thanks For The Competitors In Our Lives

November 2, 2005

I've been giving thought to one I met on the oncology floor of the hospital, one who suffered from a type of cancer that required a stem cell retrieval. This person was able to have a stem cell taken from … (read more)

By Reputation Alone

November 1, 2005

Recently, we were planning a conference, and the person the committee approached to be the speaker was unable to accept. Instead, he gave us the name of another speaker whom he thought would be a wonderful speaker for us. The … (read more)


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