A Bright Idea

September 26, 2005

John 18:34 – "Is that your own idea," Jesus asked, "or did others talk to you about me?" (NIV)

One day, the television in my mom's living room wouldn't work. My dad was at the factory, so I decided to fix it. I was fifteen years old at the time and reckoned it was my moment to do something important in the house.

The television was attached to an extension cord, which came in two pieces. I went to my dad's toolbox and brought out a screwdriver to check the extension. In my head, I thought I knew what had happened. Somehow the extension cable was loose, so it only needed to be inspected and tightened.

In a manly way, I hummed and hawed as I fixed the cord. I picked up one side in my left hand and scrutinized the cable. It looked okay. All that I needed to do now was to pick up the other half of the cord and investigate it. I quickly took it in my right hand, which turned out to be a big mistake.

The electric shock threw me across the room, but fortunately I landed on the sofa. My hair stood on end, and I just sat there, wide-eyed and giggling hysterically. When I held the two pieces of cable in both hands, I created a live circuit, which catapulted me through the air. So much for my bright idea — which turned out to be a real shocker!

Sometimes we have our own ideas about Jesus, which don't measure up to who He really is. We want Him to be gentle and loving, compassionate and kind, without being almighty and authoritative, judgmental and serious. But like Pilate, we are going to discover the truth about Jesus when we come face to face with Him, and it may turn out to be a shocking event for most of us. Instead of being a spiritual buddy, we will experience Him as being sacred and divine. Instead of being just a loving teacher, we will quickly realize He is our almighty Lord.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, the Bible tells us to be careful about what we think of You. Keep us from becoming too familiar and disrespectful. Help us to see You as the King of all creation and the true Lord of our lives. Grant us the faith to revere and worship You as the Saviour of the world and the holy Son of God. In Your sacred name, we pray. Amen.

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