Gentle Rains

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Joel 2:23b – For the rains he sends are an expression of his grace. (NLT)

For two days we received rain as an expression of God's grace. On many days during the hot summer, temperatures had skyrocketed to the century mark (on the Fahrenheit scale) in the middle of the country where I live. The pastures, the trees, and the flowers had begun to turn from their lush tropical colours to a dry brown. Thousands of gallons of water poured from sprinkler systems across the area.

But, oh, how we needed that great sprinkler from heaven to rain down on us!

We prayed at home. We prayed at church. Then one morning we woke up to gentle rain falling upon the roofs of our houses. The trees, the pastures, and the flowers would flourish once again.

The same thing happens in our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves, because of lack of prayer and daily feasting upon God's Word, becoming dry and crusty. There are times when we, like the grass, go even as far as starting to turn brown. Then because of God's grace, He draws us back to Himself. We renew commitments we have already made, we saturate ourselves with prayer, and we hunger to read the Bible.

Again God pours His blessings upon us!

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for soft gentle rain on a hot, summer day — a gentle reminder of Your grace every day. Amen.

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Melva Cooper
Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA

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