Harmony Or Discord?

Monday, May 2, 2005

Psalm 143:10 – Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground. (NIV)

I have often sat enthralled watching a band play. All those instruments going at the same time and the wonderful music that comes out of it thrills me. The beautiful music soothes my soul. It is wonderful harmony.

In our church, we have a full band playing during worship services. It is wonderful. Recently, I have been learning to play the synthesizer as part of this band. I don't have any one-on-one time with a musician to learn what I am supposed to be doing. During practice, the pianist says to do this or that. I try desperately to do as she suggests. So many times, I hit the wrong note, I hit the wrong chord, and I get the timing wrong. The discord that comes from that one little instrument is horrible. There are rules and guidelines in playing any instrument. As the months go by, I am learning more of those rules, and the harmony that comes from that same little instrument is wonderful. The pianist is so patient and understanding.

One day, I thought about our lives in reference to a band. We can live our lives in harmony or in discord. We can choose to stick to the rules and guidelines that God gives us in His Word, or we can choose to do our own thing. We can choose to learn or not to learn. It takes time for all of us to learn so that harmony can come out of our lives. That is what God wants. Yes, often, we hit the wrong chord, we hit the wrong note, or we get the timing wrong, but God is patient and merciful and will help us hit the right chord, hit the right note, and get the timing right. He understands our frailty.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You that You understand our failings. So many times, we see discord coming from our lives, and yet You are patient with us. Please continue to work in our lives so that we can see harmony flowing out of our life together. It is all from You. Help us to learn the rules and guidelines that You have in place for us. We love You. Amen.

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