Ploughing Ahead

March 18, 2005

Isaiah 28:24 – When a farmer plows for planting, does he plow continually? Does he keep on breaking up and harrowing the soil? (NIV)

Beginning in winter and continuing through until spring, the farmers in the west of Scotland plough their land. The ground is hard, but the farmers are determined to have the soil exposed to the elements, so that it will break down and soften, ready for the planting, which, season-wise, is just around the corner.

I used to enjoy watching the farmers working the side of a hill, ploughing their furrows, just as the first snow started falling. The scene was rich with a rustic beauty, and I admired the determination and faith of these country people. They were good examples of hard workers, who endured all sorts of weather and conditions to grow the crops that our whole community benefited from. To watch them on those bleak hillsides, riding their tractors that pulled the steel ploughs, was a lesson in faith for the future, in hope for the harvest, and in a love of the land.

Sometimes we each undergo tough moments, and there are issues in our lives that are hard to overcome. That's when we need to be determined and keep focused, ploughing ahead with God's strength, Christ's grace, and the Holy Spirit's guidance. When we do this, we will overcome our troubles, and there will be a harvest of blessings and hope.

Prayer: Lord God, You gave us this amazing journey called life, which is full of hope and joy, promise and victory. Sometimes the path is hard, and there are things that set us back. Keep us focused and determined, so that with Your help, we may plough through these critical times and plant seeds of faith, which will one day become a harvest of joy, peace, and love. In Jesus' Name, we hope and pray. Amen.

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