God Gives The Gift Of Sound

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Mark 4:9 – Anyone who is willing to hear should listen and understand! (NLT)

I had to retire several years ago due to failing health. It seemed to take forever for me to come out of my depression. After all the different medical issues were taken care of one by one, I became more able to function, at least at home. My wife — thank God — stuck with me through it.

Recently, I finally followed up on the problem that I thought too trivial to mess with — my hearing loss. Time and again, I had heard her tell me to clean my ears out or get them checked. She was so right.

After the short hearing test, the lady came in and gave me the news I didn't expect. I had no idea how much I wasn't hearing. She took ear moulds right then and told me about my hearing loss. Shaking my head in wonder, I left. My follow-up appointment was yesterday. First she placed the ear moulds in and then hooked me up to the computer. After a short time she put the hearing aids in my ears and turned them on. After a session to help me learn about their functions, she sent me out into the world.

I rolled out into the courtyard at the hospital and waited for some medication from the pharmacy for another need. I found a spot there out of the way.

At first the sound was almost overwhelming and frightfully loud. As sound by sound became clear, I knew what a gift I had just been given. As I thanked God there in the courtyard, the tears were hard to hold back. From the tiniest cricket, to the chirping birds, to the barking squirrels, I could hear! I suddenly became aware of a conversation that was taking place several feet away. I hadn't heard these things in so long. I now know of the small miracles that happen every day.

So often, we are so tied up in our day that we forget to stop and listen. We need to take a minute out of the day and just listen to the still small voice. It is amazing what we will hear!

Prayer: Dear God, thank You for the gift of hearing. Help us all to hear Your voice. Amen.

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