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Thursday, February 3, 2005

Isaiah 26:4 – Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal. (NIV)

Every now and then during my teenage years, in order to get away from the pressures at home, I would go and visit my aunt. She lived in a newly-built community, just outside of Glasgow, called Cumbernauld. I always enjoyed travelling to her home on the bus — a big, blue, noisy double-decker — which roared along the country road, passing fields full of cows and sheep, corn and barley.

On one part of the road, there was a huge granite rock, on which someone had painted in giant-sized Gothic letters, "Trust in the Lord." It always comforted me, and no matter what kind of trouble, struggles, or problems I was going through at home, I felt the Lord's peace each time I passed that place.

As the years sped by, the whole place took on a new shape. Isolated cottages were surrounded with numerous sub-divisions; the old double-deckers were replaced with sleek, modern, quiet green coaches; and the lovely country road was torn up to be made into a six-lane highway.

The huge granite rock was cleft in two, and some of it was pulverized to make way for the new road. Miraculously, the painted side was still left intact. A whole new generation of travellers could view the biblical words as they drove past it. The message about trusting the Lord was still being read. Perhaps the rock was eternal as well.

These days, we worry about our churches and diminishing numbers, but we forget that God's Word endures on an eternal Rock, and even though churches may change, the message never does. So wherever we worship and however we do it, let's trust in the Lord forever.

Prayer: Almighty God, Your Word endures throughout the generations and will be preached, taught, and received on earth long after we have journeyed on to Your heavenly kingdom. Re-inspire us with hope, and enhance our faith, for You are everlasting, and Your ways live on forever. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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