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No Competition

September 30, 2004

Having picked up a small booklet, I was about to read the devotional messages written by Mary (not her real name). A friend who saw the booklet in my hand approached me, and he said, "Now you have competition!" I … (read more)

Reaching A Safe Haven

September 29, 2004

When commencing the next part of our journey north up the inside passage of the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, the sea was literally like a millpond. I was very pleased with myself that I had prepared a meat … (read more)

In Name Only

September 28, 2004

Apparently the television program was fascinating. The young lady didn't once take her eyes off the set as the four of us entered the gift shop. As we moved around the store, she kept turning her swivel chair, managing at … (read more)

All I Need Is Direction

September 27, 2004

The phone rang early this morning. I was the only one up to take the call. On the other end was a familiar voice, that of our son. For some time he had talked of bringing some topsoil to our … (read more)

One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

September 26, 2004

I was young and a nominal Christian when I first saw a wonderful example of Christianity, in moving pictures and living colour, regarding anger. I was visiting my future mother-in-law, and she had spent many hours doing a snowy white … (read more)

The Key

September 25, 2004

We were on our way back to the hotel room after a long day at the conference. Our roommate scurried down the hall, way ahead of the rest of us. "Hadn't we better catch up to her?" I asked. "What … (read more)

Rejected By Men But Chosen By God

September 24, 2004

For several days, I had noticed that the sprinkler head on the valve that waters the back lawn was doing its job, but when the watering of the lawn was finished, the head cover was not seating properly. I mentioned … (read more)

On Hold

September 23, 2004

Don't you just hate calling national companies about their services? The other day I was trying to get through to ask a simple question about a statement, which would have taken only a couple of seconds to sort out. As … (read more)

Its Glory Endures

September 22, 2004

Among my possessions is a picture that I took years ago while hiking on the southern side of the island where I was born, Grand Manan. It isn't a spectacular picture. To another onlooker it is just a pile of … (read more)

Acceptable To God

September 21, 2004

Some time ago we purchased a new filter for the furnace. This filter is designed to eliminate the particles in the air passing through the furnace both in winter and in summer. At the time of purchase, we registered for … (read more)

Cookie Jars!

September 20, 2004

Sometimes things happen and I ask, "Lord, what are You saying to me?" Today, I was enthusiastically having a cup of tea when such an event occurred. Earlier at home, in haste, I had cut off the last few biscuits … (read more)


September 19, 2004

When I was at high school in Scotland, there was a campaign to get students to "plant a tree in '73." I can remember planting ten trees next to my school with a group of my peers. We were a … (read more)

The Quiet Wait

September 18, 2004

When you visit a hospital or a nursing home, have you ever noticed just how quiet it can be? Life's struggles have overcome the measure of strength in persons now spending time waiting in older age. Often we never give … (read more)

The Lonely Land

September 17, 2004

"Focus on the road," I urged my wandering thoughts, but the last e-mail from home made it difficult to stay focused on the black ribbon of pavement that cut through the 519 kilometres of wilderness. The yawning truck driver I … (read more)

Tiggers or Eeyores?

September 16, 2004

As I left the house one day, Caroline, my wife, said to me, "I prefer you as a Tigger rather than as an Eeyore." (A.A. Milne's Eeyore character was renowned for negativity and Tigger for zestful enthusiasm!) Maybe it was … (read more)

Cheerleading Championships

September 15, 2004

Several months ago, I attended the Power Athletic Cheerleading Competition for Western Canada at the new Physical Activity Complex on the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Previously, I had witnessed such events only on … (read more)

Close To The Master

September 14, 2004

"What's the matter, Ben Nevis?" I really didn't expect an answer from the small white dog shivering on my kitchen floor, his black nose pointed into the corner. Prior to this, he'd been running about the house, looking out the … (read more)

Taking Care Of Our Heritage

September 13, 2004

I now attend a stately old church made out of stone that came from a quarry nearby. Built in the year 1880, it has come to the time to be pointed. Yes, I, too, wondered what it meant to be … (read more)

The O-Line

September 12, 2004

Randall, Mayo, Eddie, Raynardo, Jon, Patrick, Shug, Lee, Zach, and Tony are members of the Tigers' football O-Line. Their job is pretty much to be the first line of defence against the opposing team's offensive line. To guard in football … (read more)

The Warning

September 11, 2004

Several years ago, as a young wife and mother of two children, I moved with my husband to Cape Breton. In so doing we made our first trip as a family across the Canso Causeway. After living on the island … (read more)

You Can't See It But It's Still There

September 10, 2004

We had the house painted three years ago, and this year, after a long cold winter, I noticed that some of the paint was blistering and flaking off. Upon a closer look and using a screwdriver to help remove the … (read more)

The One

September 9, 2004

In April 2003, I found myself in a literal pit of filth, despair, and rot. The smell of death was only surpassed by the other odours that wafted out of the makeshift huts and the sewers that people called their … (read more)

A Band Of Brothers

September 8, 2004

One of the best memories that I will take with me from my time working with the Middle Georgia College Warriors football teams of 1998 and 2000 is the unique friendships that I saw develop and be established as a … (read more)

How We Tend To Forget

September 7, 2004

It was a dull and rainy day, the kind of day that we tend to forget about on the sunny days of summer. After I had spent time in devotions, in having my coffee, and in watching the flickering flame … (read more)

Be A Doug!

September 6, 2004

In August 2005, the Canso Causeway will celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. In order to make a memory book for this occasion, I asked people to share their story of a meaningful crossing. My friend, Yvonne, wrote about her special memory … (read more)


September 5, 2004

One of my favourite people, Joe, was the linebacker coach for our football team. I never had paid much attention to that position until I got to know Joe. Linebackers have a wide variety of responsibilities and need to be … (read more)

The Thief

September 4, 2004

Recently, I spent all morning sorting, throwing out well-worn T shirts, and making piles of clothing to give away. It wasn't until I was putting away the summer clothes that I discovered the disaster. Pleased to have come across my … (read more)

Send Me

September 3, 2004

Spreading wide the curtains in the front room, a place I love to snuggle down with the good book, I noticed that it was the time of year when the leaves turn colour and begin to fall. It is a … (read more)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

September 2, 2004

A tear trickled down her wrinkled cheek, and she brushed it aside with the corner of her lace-trimmed hankie. My 83-year-old grandmother was visiting me for the first time since my first child was born. Later, as she held my … (read more)

God, The Earthworms, And Me

September 1, 2004

Don't we all need more quiet times to be still and listen to our heavenly Father when we pray? One recent morning, before breakfast, I crawled out of bed and went straight into my yard to tackle a task left … (read more)


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