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The Signature

May 31, 2004

I was scheduled to preach the other night, but, sadly, I had a bad headache, and was under pressure from the throbbing in my head. As we drove to collect my daughter on the way to the church, my wife … (read more)

The Royal Family

May 30, 2004

When I was preparing a devotional to share with the local Christian school, I went to my favourite storybook, the book of Daniel. Here we learn how a young man was born into a noble family yet taken into captivity … (read more)

The Silent Witness

May 29, 2004

We can all look back upon our lives, and remember situations when it was not the right time to say even a few words of witness regarding the Gospel of love. I remember the time when, for some inexplicable reason, … (read more)


May 28, 2004

Ice hockey matters in Canada, like basketball and baseball do in the USA and football in Europe. Canadian hockey fans in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal all suffered a great letdown this spring as their teams were eliminated in Stanley … (read more)

Courage To Stand

May 27, 2004

I can still picture my two brothers and me with towels draped around our shoulders like the gowns depicted on the Biblical figures in our Sunday School pictures. We hid behind our makeshift curtain, ready to put on our next … (read more)

Daily Gifts

May 26, 2004

Many's the time I stand in awe of a flower or tree shoot which has spread and sprung up some distance from the main plant. While I understand how it happens, I cannot help but delight in this extra "gift" … (read more)

Rusty Hearts

May 25, 2004

Many people refer to retirement as "the golden years". Lately, in our house, they seem more like rust! Whole sections of our bodies are wearing out and even being recalled. For instance, my husband is waiting for a hip replacement. … (read more)

Do Not Be Afraid

May 24, 2004

When I was a child, my brothers and I loved to act out the Bible stories that we had learned in Sunday School. First, we would go up to Mom's blue trunk, and pull out the spare blanket, which we … (read more)

Our Mission Statement

May 23, 2004

Years ago, when I was working for one of our largest corporations, a new concept was introduced to its management. We were all to set down our "Mission Statement", our "raison d'

Come, I'm Calling You

May 22, 2004

My dog, a white West Highland Terrier named Ben Nevis, has a way of ignoring me when I tell him to stay off the sofa or to not jump up on people who come to the door. However, if I … (read more)


May 21, 2004

Many people call me names. I am Brenda, wife, mother, Amma, friend, speaker, writer, and many more. Each name says a little something about me. For instance, the coffee store clerks, who have been preparing my weekly treat for a … (read more)


May 20, 2004

Years ago in Nursing Assistant training, we were given an exercise to help us gain insight into the difficulties with which some of our patients would have to live every day. We were each given a bag of things that … (read more)

Bank Machines

May 19, 2004

Although I like meeting my bank teller face to face, when I'm in a hurry, I like the convenience of the modern bank machine. Recently, after I had finished my business at one of these machines, I stepped aside to … (read more)

Morning Notes

May 18, 2004

A writing course I once took required me to write three pages of Morning Notes to get my thoughts moving. We were to write about any subject that came to mind. The first page was a usually-dry diary-type note, but … (read more)


May 17, 2004

There is nothing like a dose of heartburn to make us realize our age! In self-defence, I have given up coffee, chocolate, fried and fatty foods, carbonated beverages, garlic, onions, peppermint, and spearmint. I have had to choose between short-lived … (read more)

He Will Make The Darkness Light

May 16, 2004

When I was very young, perhaps pre-school age, I remember my father sitting in our humble living room in a straight-backed chair and singing. When Dad sang, he sang with all his might. He especially loved the songs of the … (read more)

Giving And Receiving

May 15, 2004

For a short time, some years ago, I served as a hospice volunteer. Some of my most treasured keepsakes, not counting the wonderful memories, came from these people who were my patients. One lady crocheted to pass the time during … (read more)

Time And Space

May 14, 2004

Several years ago, I ran into an acquaintance in the middle of what is usually a busy mall. We'd not seen each other in awhile, and we started in talking right away, as there were a few things we wanted … (read more)

Through Every Change

May 13, 2004

For several weeks last spring, my way of life was turned upside down. We were getting ready to move to a smaller home, and, before that could happen, we needed to sort through nearly thirty years of keepsakes and memories, … (read more)

The Big Oak

May 12, 2004

In downtown Thomasville, Georgia, there is a giant live oak tree, an American species of evergreen oak. It is 323 years old and 68 feet tall, and has a trunk circumference of 24 feet. Its limb spread is 162 feet, … (read more)

Junk Mail

May 11, 2004

It comes with the territory, and it is much more explicit than snail mail grocery advertising. Simply because I use the Internet, I get Internet junk mail. I can go into my tool bar and select "Blocked Sender List" to … (read more)

Was That All?

May 10, 2004

A rite of passage for most young girls happens when they reach that age at which their moms and dads agree to let them get their ears pierced. It is an exciting thought for most girls, until they get to … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (5)

May 9, 2004

It was Mother's Day and my four-year-old daughter watched as my husband presented a bouquet of roses to his mother. "Happy Mother's Day," he said as he leaned over and gave her a kiss. The remainder of the visit was … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (4)

May 8, 2004

I don't know why she wanted to print her name so many times. Perhaps it was because of the pride that she had in her in accomplishment, but, when our daughter was five, she printed her name on everything within … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (3)

May 7, 2004

My friend had been going through a long spell of serious illness. When speaking of this time of doctor's visits, tests, and days when she couldn't carry on her normal activities, she revealed that she felt like she was walking … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (2)

May 6, 2004

Children have a unique way of illustrating spiritual truths. When my grandson was two, his grandfather made him a new bed, one with no sides on it. To the delight of his parents, Matthew loved his bed so much that … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (1)

May 5, 2004

My friend Joy's four-year-old daughter, Leah, had a way of making up any number of excuses in order to come out of her room after she had been tucked in bed for the evening. After several evenings of Leah wandering … (read more)

Comfort Cushions

May 4, 2004

God has many beautiful ways of directing us to ease the pain of others. One very simple way He has directed me is in making "Comfort Cushions". It all came about when one of our hospice volunteers told me the … (read more)

All Ate And Were Filled

May 3, 2004

I volunteer at a food bank, sponsored by local churches and by freewill donations from businesses, organizations, and individuals in our community. It is satisfying and humbling to help these people who are temporarily in need. As I bag groceries, … (read more)

Keep Your Eyes Focused On Where You Want To Go

May 2, 2004

When I was learning to drive, my instructor kept reminding me that the car would go where my eyes were focused. Recently a kayak enthusiast for challenging white water rapids of the most daring and dangerous type was interviewed on … (read more)

Living Water

Last summer, we were in France when the record-breaking heat waves hit the country. At no other time had plain cold water tasted so good on my tongue as in those days when we walked under the scorching sun, breathing … (read more)


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