Monday, November 1, 2004

Luke 7:6b-7 – Do not trouble further, sir; it is not for me to have you under my roof, and that is why I did not presume to approach you in person. But say the word and my servant will be cured. (NEB)

From the vantage point of my sunroom, I have enjoyed watching the changing seasons. There are so many contrasting sights to be seen in the beauty of our Father's world, for example the pristine whiteness of winter, the lush greenness of spring, and the brilliant colours of the summer flowers.

One morning I was watching the birds. The bright red cardinals are my personal favourite. As I watched them and listened to them, their red colour brought a different kind of contrasting sight to mind: the centurion asking Jesus to heal his beloved servant. He must have looked impressive standing there in his shiny helmet and his long red robe, strong and authoritative, the commander of a hundred men, speaking to the quiet, unassuming Jesus, wearing His conservative apparel. Yet Luke tells us that Jesus was moved by the sincere and deep faith He found hidden under that red robe. Jesus healed the servant. "And the messengers returned to the house and found the servant in good health." (Luke 7:10 NEB)

When we look at the beauty of a white winter landscape, we see only what is on the surface. God sees the sleeping seeds of the summer flowers below. When we look at a picture of the centurion, we see the trappings of earthly power in his helmet and red robe. God sees the seeds of faith growing beneath.

As Christians, do we present a contrasting picture to the world? Is our faith only on the surface? What does God see hidden under our robes?

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, Your world is truly beautiful, and we thank You for showing all the contrasting colours to us. We thank You as well for teaching us to look beyond the surface beauty, so that we might find the seeds of faith You have planted there. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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