Scales That Balance

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Ezekiel 45:10 – You are to use accurate scales, an accurate ephah and an accurate bath. (NIV)

Job 31:6 – Let God weigh me in honest scales and he will know that I am blameless. (NIV)

As a child, I remember watching in fascination when Mr. Jones, the local grocer, weighed items on his scales. He explained that the weight on one side was a pound. When he piled enough potatoes on the opposite side and the two sides balanced, it was a pound of potatoes. Trying to get the principle down on a level a child could understand, he compared it with the see-saw on the school playground, except, he said, the distance one sat from the end of the board could give one an advantage over his playmate. He said that sometimes people in stores would let their hand rest on the potatoes and produce a dishonest measure.

I loved this theory of balance as Mr. Jones explained it to me. I remember looking the word "balance" up in the dictionary after he had explained his principle to me. The dictionary described the balance between two opposite forces as equilibrium. When each side is in balance, there is no conflict, no stress — it is a peaceful state.

I learned later that the medical world had another name for this principle. "Homeostasis" or balance exists when our body is in good health. Let the scales tip, and ill health begins.

To be honest and upright before God, our scales must balance. To have a successful relationship with our fellow man, we must balance the scales. Even in our bodies, we need a balance between work and play, activity and meditation, friends and solitude.

Balance requires priorities and the courage to say no. It begins with the spiritual and works outward. It has a set of values and dreams. It requires that we have friends and church for support. It is possible to maintain two worlds if we balance our scales.

Prayer: Lord, help us to find balance in our lives, to be honest and courageous, and to set our priorities and values according to Your principles. Amen.

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