Cheerleading Championships

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Psalm 36:7 – How precious, O God is your constant love! We find protection under the shadow of your wings. (GNB)

Several months ago, I attended the Power Athletic Cheerleading Competition for Western Canada at the new Physical Activity Complex on the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) campus in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Previously, I had witnessed such events only on television, so I jumped at the opportunity to attend the competition and see the amazing spectacle for myself. Our U of S Huskies team was the two-time western champion and hoped to repeat this feat again before their home crowd. Amid chants of "U of S, U of S, U of S", they performed an excellent routine and were victorious despite stiff competition.

It was amazing to watch the performances of these young athletes. It takes great strength, stamina, and flexibility to be a cheerleader. I watched eagerly as team members performed stunts and hoisted one another upward. I would not have wanted to balance myself high in the air with only a hand or two to stand on. What struck me was the amount of trust that each athlete placed in the other team members. After all, a fall could cause a permanent and crippling injury. Team members learned to count on each other during hours of practice.

I thought that it was a perfect illustration of the kind of trust that we need to have when we put our life in God's hands. Like the cheerleaders, we do not learn to trust God in an instant. It requires practice, but given time, we can learn to place our trust in God our Maker.

Prayer: Lord, we find that we can learn to trust You gradually as we experience Your presence through various circumstances in our lives. Help us to grow to trust You completely. Amen.

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