Directionally Challenged

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Psalm 25:4 – Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. (KJV)

One Saturday, I was invited to speak at a fellowship breakfast being hosted at a country Bed and Breakfast. The only problem was that I tend to be directionally challenged, and the home was in the country. "All you do is go down route 890, keep right until you see the covered bridge on the left, go a few more kilometres, then you'll see a blue house, turn right, and… "

In the end I decided to follow another person who said they knew the way. As I drove along, I recognized various landmarks such as the covered bridge and the sharp corner to the right. I knew I was on the right track, for these were the clues given to me by someone who had travelled this road before. But when I came to a fork in the road, I know that I would have gone to the right, but the person ahead went left, so I followed. After a few more twists and turns in the road, I arrived at the beautiful home. However, had I not been following the car ahead, I'm not sure where I might have ended up.

Jesus not only knows the twists and turns in the road of life, but He's also travelled them before. He's given us landmarks and directions to our destination, a beautiful home in heaven. We don't have to be concerned about losing our way or which direction is the right one to take, for Jesus told His disciples that He was going on ahead to prepare the way for us. All we have to do is follow.

Prayer: Jesus, when we listen to others giving us directions for our lives, the path seems confusing. However, You know the way, and today we come to You asking for Your guidance. Amen.

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