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The Six Million Dollar Man

August 31, 2003

Several months ago, I heard of a most interesting study that has stuck with me, and brought with it many thoughts and meditations. Apparently, years ago, a chemist undertook to determine the value of a human being. He broke down … (read more)

What God Says, He Will Do

August 30, 2003

When I was a teenager, there was a story going around our youth group about a new pastor who was about to preach his first sermon. Apparently all the people in the little village were curious about the new pastor's … (read more)

Wildfire Engulfs Suburbs

August 29, 2003

By Friday night, August 22, 2003, at least 30,000 residents of Kelowna had been forced to flee from their homes, as a wind-driven forest fire flared further out of control, and threatened the southern suburbs of the largest city in … (read more)

Lunch By Faith

August 28, 2003

It was about a year ago when his wife was still in the hospital after serious heart surgery. She was slowly recovering, but he looked tired and worn. During the Sunday morning "welcome time", I whispered to my husband that … (read more)

Come To God's Light

August 27, 2003

Remember the bogeyman? I do, vividly. Many of us were afraid of the dark when we were children. I was always calling my mother to check and make sure there wasn't anyone under my bed. In those days, we had … (read more)

The Eagle And The Deer

August 26, 2003

This Bible verse has always been a favourite of mine. It wasn't until I came west just over five years ago that I saw an eagle soaring in the wild. This past summer, I got to see my favourite Bible … (read more)

Rejoice And Be Glad

August 25, 2003

My morning did not start out as planned: I lost $40. I was doing too many things at once, and lost focus on what I should have been doing — getting money from the automatic teller machine. Since I recently … (read more)

Bind Us Together, Lord

August 24, 2003

Recently, my nephew took his mother and several others of us out for dinner to celebrate her 89th birthday. He took us to a fine dining room in Mennonite country near St. Jacobs in rural Ontario, Canada. On the way, … (read more)

A Very Gentle Answer

August 23, 2003

Recently my grandchildren came to spend a few days with me. They had a wonderful time splashing and playing most of a day in a new pool that had been set up just for them. My grandson, aged seven, wanted … (read more)

He Still Moves Stones

August 22, 2003

During the month of May, a friend helped me change the size and shape of a flowerbed. Part of the bed's original beauty was a rock garden. Each time we removed a rock embedded in the soil, another rock seemed … (read more)

Everyone Is Beautiful In Their Own Way

August 21, 2003

One day recently, I had to attend a meeting in St. Catharines, in the midst of Ontario's fruit- and flower-growing farmland. The meeting, to plan for a ministry in a prison, was in a beautiful church set in the middle … (read more)

Prayer Changes Things

August 20, 2003

When I worked in Argentina, I had occasion to make a necessary trip from the town of Laguna Blanca in the province of Formosa to Fontana in the north. The trip meant eleven hours on a dirt road during the … (read more)

Members Of A Team

August 19, 2003

Several years ago, I became a palliative care volunteer in our local area. At first, I wasn't sure about all that this would entail, or how I could help the dying, but I did know what it was like to … (read more)

The Lighted Path

August 18, 2003

Many of us, I'm sure, have been out in the woods somewhere, and have had to find our way back to a cabin or a tent in the dark, even if only for a distance of a hundred feet or … (read more)


August 17, 2003

Late in the afternoon, the lights flickered, and then the electric power shut down — all over the states of New York, Ohio, Michigan and across much of Ontario. People were stranded in underground subways, and trapped in elevators for … (read more)

God In Goslings

August 16, 2003

We are blessed in our retirement years to wake up in the early morning and look out across a lovely yard, and gaze upon a small lake, glistening in the rising sunshine. No, it isn't Canada, but South Georgia. Nevertheless, … (read more)

Hear With Their Ears

August 15, 2003

As I have the chance and the leading, I confront work colleagues and friends about the miracles that I believe Jesus is performing today, through the Holy Spirit. Those who are Christians, or are at least sympathetic, are touched and … (read more)

The Refuge

August 14, 2003

Recently, I was walking my dog, Ben Nevis, a curious Westie, and, unbeknownst to him, a squirrel sat on top of a fence post and watched our approach. When we were near enough so that Ben could have been a … (read more)

He Cares

August 13, 2003

I ask myself, "Is it the Lord speaking to me, through my conscience, when I see a law being broken?" Is He speaking to me when I myself commit an offence? As we attempt to achieve the holiness God desires … (read more)

These Things Remain

August 12, 2003

It wasn't my best day. Owing to the recent battle with SARS in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the day started with the disappointing cancellation of my regular visit to our local detention centre, a volunteer service which always inspires me. Then … (read more)

Looking At Family Photos

August 11, 2003

Lately I've assigned myself the gigantic task of sorting through my lifetime collection of pictures, in order to pare down the collection to a reasonable size. The volumes were neatly stacked along one shelf in a large closet, and when … (read more)

A Fresh Clean Start

August 10, 2003

One morning early last spring, I took my little dog, Heidi, out for a walk. It wasn't the nicest kind of a day; the roads and the sidewalks were wet, and still had the grit and dirt from the winter … (read more)

Say One Hail Mary

August 9, 2003

As messages on the backs of vehicles and bumper stickers go, there are thousands covering every topic under the sun — and some beyond it. As they pertain to religion, I've seen "My boss is a Jewish Carpenter", "WWJD" (what … (read more)

Give Us A Break!

August 8, 2003

I went shopping this weekend to find some new jeans. As I looked for jeans on the shelves, Caroline came over, and asked why I did not look at the ones displayed on the tabletop nearby. These were half the … (read more)

The Widening Circle Of Influence

August 7, 2003

Years ago, as a young housewife, I attended a business conference with my husband. There was a banquet in the evening, and some of the people I met were easy to talk to, but one man flitted from person to … (read more)

My Morning Walk

August 6, 2003

I have a furry alarm clock. Every morning at 6:00 a.m., give or take a couple of minutes, my golden retriever lays her face on the bed beside my head and sighs. It's as if she says, "Okay, it's time; … (read more)

Looking Ever Forwards

August 5, 2003

Have you ever driven a car and attempted to do something else at the same time, like change a tape, talk to child in the back seat, or look at a map? As soon as you take your eyes off … (read more)

Being First Is Not Always Best

August 4, 2003

A memory from my early school years is of two classmates, Donald and Adam. These were the self-appointed leaders of our class. Whatever the circumstances, whether in the classroom or on the playground, they always insisted on being first. They … (read more)

A Tent Or A Cottage

August 3, 2003

Although I've spent many hours observing nature, I can't say I've done much camping in my adult life. My husband loves his creature comforts, and, although he enjoyed vacations at a cottage, he had no inclination to sleep in a … (read more)

The Greatest Churchman I Ever Knew

August 2, 2003

My mom's father, the Reverend James C. Madison, was close to 80 when he died, eight years ago. For many years, Grandpa had served faithfully as a minister in North Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana, USA, and was one of the … (read more)

Lobsters And Icebergs

August 1, 2003

While watching the local Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television news recently, a reporter was interviewing two people from Ontario, who were having a lobster boil on an ocean beach near St. John's, Newfoundland. It was a nice day in May, and … (read more)


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