Why Was He Hiding?

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Psalm 32:7 – You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. (NIV)

I was new at the church that Sunday, having only been in the area for a month, so I didn't know why the small boy who was sitting ahead of me was being so uncooperative. For the entire pre-service, he sat with his face hidden in his arms, as he leaned against the pew in front of him. When someone wanted to move into the seat beside him, his grandmother had to speak to him several times before he would take his hand away from his face and move enough to allow the young lady to take her place. Later, when the service began, the boy pulled his shirt over his head. Seeing this, I wondered if he was autistic and minded the noise of the music. He refused his sister's invitation to attend children's church, and eventually put his head on his grandmother's lap and fell asleep.

On our way out of church, the grandmother leaned across the seat, and whispered an explanation. "He shaved his eyebrows and now he doesn't want anyone to see him."

Sometimes we are able to hide our actions from family or friends, but we can't hide them from God. He sees us wherever we are hiding. However, like the grandmother who hugged her grandson during the service, offering him protection and love, our God is waiting to comfort us. All we need to do is to go to Him and ask for His forgiveness, and then remain in the shelter of His arms.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, sometimes we have done things that cause us to want to hide from You. Help us to come to You and ask for Your forgiveness, so that we may experience Your comfort and love. Amen.

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