Our Home Away From Home

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

2 Corinthians 5:1 – For we know that when this tent we live in now is taken down — when we die and leave these bodies — we will have wonderful new bodies in heaven, homes that will be ours forevermore, made for us by God himself, not by human hands. (TLB)

Our home away from home was our tent. This tent was used for summer vacations and weekend escapes. As time passed, this tent took on many different forms. You might say it grew wheels, and eventually even a motor.

As a family, we travelled from coast to coast across Canada over a period of several years. It was a temporary home, but it was the most enjoyable home we ever had.

Though we used this tent — in many forms — as a temporary home, my thoughts turned to the earthly tent that we live in, our body, and how temporary it is. In fact, it is our home away from home, given to each one of us for our travel through this earthly life.

Travelling and growing in Christ, we begin to enjoy some of the benefits of the abundant life, while preparing for our eternal home in heaven.

God gave us this temporary tent, our body, to live in, here on earth. It gets weathered and worn as we travel. It is sometimes in need of repair, and we know that it will eventually give way and go back to the dust, from where it came.

There comes a time for us who believe to be released from our earthly tent so that our souls may pass to that special home prepared for us in eternity, not made by human hands.

Prayer: Dear Lord, Creator of us all, we give thanks for the tents made special for each one of us. We give thanks to You that they have served us well as we have travelled, and continue to travel in this life. Though perhaps tattered and patched along the way, we know that they will serve their purpose, and in the end of our travel here on earth, we can look forward to that home You have prepared for us. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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Anne Russell <annerussell80@gmail.com>
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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