The Eagle And The Deer

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Isaiah 40:31 – But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. (TLB)

This Bible verse has always been a favourite of mine. It wasn't until I came west just over five years ago that I saw an eagle soaring in the wild. This past summer, I got to see my favourite Bible verse in all its splendour.

I was up at the lake on a minister's weekend — Thursday evening to Saturday evening. On Friday evening, I was out in the boat, trolling along the shore, trying to catch a fish. It didn't really matter whether I did or not — I was just enjoying the evening.

As I passed by a tall dead tree just in from the shoreline, I saw a bald eagle sitting on the top branch. I stopped the boat and got out the binoculars to take a good look. As I was watching the eagle, a doe and her fawn came out of the woods to drink at the lake.

It didn't take the fawn long to drink, and obviously it wanted to play with its mother. They raced back and forth along the beach. About that time the eagle decided to fly. It came out of the tree, passed about twenty feet over my head, and then began to soar on the thermal currents in the cloudless sky.

That was when I realized that the Lord had renewed my strength with the rest I was enjoying at the lake, and my spirit began to soar like the eagle. I came home from the lake the next day with my spirit renewed, and for several weeks after that, as the vision of the eagle and the deer played over in my mind, I found that I, indeed, could run and not be weary, and walk and not faint in my job as the minister of this church. In fact, we can each be renewed if we take time to wait upon the Lord.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank You that You have promised that if we wait and believe in You, we will have our strength renewed by You, so that we can soar like eagles, and You will keep us from becoming weary in our lives as Your children. Amen.

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