Do You Love Me?

Friday, February 14, 2003

Revelation 2:4 – Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love. (NIV)

This morning, as my husband prepared to leave the house to run some errands of his own, he paused to kiss me, and asked the question, "Do you love me?"

"Of course I do. Why would you ask?"

After he had gone, I pondered the question, thinking, "What a strange thing to say. I do the housework, make the meals, do the laundry, etc. Of course I love you."

Then I took a deep breath and thought, "How often do we really take time to look eye to eye and say, 'I love you'?" It's not really about the work we do to show love for our mates, it is a special relationship that we share, one we really should take time to show how deep and real it is.

Ours is a relationship of over 44 years, but no matter how long we have had a loving relationship, we should never take it for granted, nor fail to take the time to express our love one for another.

It is the same with our relationship with God. We work for Him in our various ways — we study His word, visit the sick in hospitals, show concern for others — all things God would approve, but what about our loving relationship with Him? Do we take time in prayer, just being with Him and telling Him we love and adore Him?

These are the most important things we can do. Let us never neglect them.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we come to You this day to share our time with You, to tell You that we love You, we adore You. Help us to realize that this is time we need together, to build up our relationship with You, and never take You for granted. God, we know that time spent with You will strengthen us to do good, and to live better, knowing that we have a closer, loving relationship with You. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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