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Horror Movies

October 31, 2002

I remember as a Junior High student watching horror movies at the theatre, then having to walk along the highway at night to get home. My senses seemed to be heightened. Every little sound seemed to make my hair stand … (read more)

Ocean Sunset

October 30, 2002

We had just arrived at the northern coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It was late evening, and we were gathered with several others on a boardwalk that wound its way through magnificent sand dunes, … (read more)

Under The Circumstances

October 29, 2002

There is a true tale about a woman who lost her contact lens, prayed, and found the lens only because it landed on the back of an astonished ant. Like that ant, we have all been burdened by surprise. We … (read more)

Beyond Destruction And Above Calamity

October 28, 2002

Recently, while my oldest son was going through a personal struggle, I learned that I could still be happy in the Lord, right in the midst of chaos. How is this possible? Even when one is amid crushing events, and … (read more)

Never Boil Dry

October 27, 2002

Once the kettle has come to a full boil and we take it away from the heat, the steam ceases to come from the kettle. But if we leave the kettle to boil, the water inside will eventually boil dry. … (read more)

Like New

October 26, 2002

Mary Jane, my weight loss lecturer, has one recurring theme: pretend that you are a new member. Do all the things that you did when you first joined. This includes studying the food plan, measuring portions carefully, and exercising every … (read more)

Turn Back The Clock

October 25, 2002

Have you ever heard someone say, "Boy! If only I could turn back the clock!"? Well, in our area, we do just that this coming weekend. It always feels nice to have that extra hour. But that is not the … (read more)

The Mountains Have Doors

October 24, 2002

Over the years, I have become one to call upon the Lord when mountains appeared, valleys had to be passed through, or seas had to be to crossed. These were mountains of illness, unemployment, and personal struggle, valleys deep into … (read more)

Brain Fog?

October 23, 2002

From time to time, I reveal just how absent-minded I can be. Last night, in a game of euchre, I played two hands quite badly. My mind was on the two young people who had just come to our new … (read more)

Swimming Lessons

October 22, 2002

I knew a little girl who liked frogs better than anything. When she tried to swim, she was sure that frog-like flailing would keep her from sinking to the bottom. It may work for frogs, but it was not helpful … (read more)

I Heard The Owl Call My Name

October 21, 2002

Many years ago, while I was stationed on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, my job took me to a place called Kingcome Village, a native settlement at the head of Kingcome Inlet. While doing … (read more)

Flapping Your Wings

October 20, 2002

I took a break, went outside, and observed, up in the sky, a hawk caught in the updraft of the wind, soaring with no effort. Behind it was a little bird, flapping its wings for all it was worth. Undoubtedly, … (read more)

Singing A New Tune

October 19, 2002

When someone's life took a bad turn of events, my dad used to say, "Well, they'll soon be singing another tune!" Sadly, it is often true. With any change of circumstance, some people seem to crumble, while others keep right … (read more)

Blest Be The Day

October 18, 2002

Recently my oldest son was going through a personal struggle. As I awoke slowly from a restless night, my first thought was that the new day did not seem too welcoming. But I have learned that the promises of God's … (read more)

Heavenly Reflections

October 17, 2002

Recently, I celebrated a "milestone birthday". At the urging of a couple of friends, I put together a small celebration at a downtown bistro. The food was wonderful, the company delightful, and the gifts very generous. Everyone seemed to have … (read more)

Quarter Horses

October 16, 2002

Our congregation, Barrie Free Methodist Church, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, is in the midst of building a new church. As a consequence, our services are being held at the local fairground building. Curling, walk-a-thons, and horse shows are all part … (read more)

The Fool

October 15, 2002

Sometimes I see those who take risks with their lives, in particular, young men. They go through red lights, or drive the wrong way up one-way streets where I live. I guess they think they are invincible or exceptional in … (read more)


October 14, 2002

Being without my Bible one evening, I didn't remember just where I had left off in my readings. Using a friend's Bible, I opened to Genesis to find a new meaning in an often-read scripture. That evening, the word that … (read more)

Just The Seasoning

October 13, 2002

It's turkey time again, and I am up to my elbows in stuffing. As I season bread cubes, the label catches my eye: Poultry Seasoning. Ingredients: thyme, sage, rosemary, marjoram, pepper, and nutmeg! Little pinches of this and that, integrated … (read more)

Fruits Established Early

October 12, 2002

Each child is different, as we all are. My three-year-old great-grandson, Daniel, knocks things down accidentally, but is quick to say, "I'm sorry." He is almost overly careful, for a healthy and spunky three-year-old. Together we dried the floor with … (read more)

Little Children

October 11, 2002

At church the other day, we had to squeeze in a few rows from the back behind a parent and two children. The youngest, a pre-school boy, was rather boisterous and demanding of the mother's attention, in contrast to the … (read more)

Cluttered Minds

October 10, 2002

I wouldn't say that my house was in C.H.A.O.S. (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), but I did have some trouble spots that needed work. My goal was organization and less clutter. Now a free Web site sends me daily messages … (read more)

Feet Shod For Service

October 9, 2002

Coupled with C.T. Studd, founder of Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade, Emma Munn will be remembered for pioneering in the heart of Africa. Emma was a Belfast factory worker in the early part of the twentieth century. She survived the rough and … (read more)

An Abortion That Was Aborted

October 8, 2002

The year was 1943, and the Second World War was in full swing. A naive young woman was dismayed and afraid because she found out that she was pregnant. In normal circumstances, this should have been a joyous event in … (read more)

The Knot For My Rope

October 7, 2002

For years I was afraid of everything. I feared the dark, getting lost, being alone. I was even afraid of not having enough to eat. This last fear drove me to gluttony. I ate whole chocolate cakes, and stashed food … (read more)

At The Table Of The Lord

October 6, 2002

What did the writer of Proverbs have in his mind when recording these words? Why should we read them today? Why should we hear them and place them in our hearts? It seems that God was using the writer of … (read more)

The Real Thing

October 5, 2002

Late one fall, I gathered together some roses and coloured straw-type flowers. I tied them together and hung them upside down to dry. Once this procedure was complete, I placed them in a vase. I was thinking of the shortened … (read more)

Two Masters

October 4, 2002

"I lost my cat in November," said the first neighbour. He's a long-haired gray male. "Really," replied the second. "I found my cat in November." He's a long-haired gray male! The participants hadn't figured it out, but the rest of … (read more)

The Circle Of Life

October 3, 2002

It is a blessing to be able to share life's journey with someone, and an exceptional blessing to share the journey when life begins or ends. There is, perhaps, no greater opportunity to appreciate life and all it offers us … (read more)

Blest Be The Tie That Binds

October 2, 2002

I am 73 years old, with four children (three boys and a girl), eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. My husband went to be with the Lord eight years ago. My native language is Finnish. My three-and-a-half-year-old great-grandson is extremely interested … (read more)

His Steadfast Love

October 1, 2002

We had been living through a long, bad patch. Cancer, a broken back, a broken jaw, diabetes, our house struck by lightning… the list seemed endless. As a consequence, I became quite depressed. I allowed myself to develop a full-blown … (read more)


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