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The Great City Stops

July 31, 2002

Though not of the Roman Catholic faith, I had to stop and watch as the World Youth Day took over last week in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Pope John Paul had come to town and everything seemed to come to a … (read more)

Which Way To Heaven

July 30, 2002

Once again, many are preparing for their summer holidays. We are so fortunate in this area, being only a few days' travel from many destinations. We could travel to the east, and visit the mysterious forces of the Atlantic Ocean. … (read more)

Cleaning The Basement

July 29, 2002

One Sunday, the minister preached a sermon on today's scripture, and I was very surprised. I thought that this text was directed at the religious leaders of Jesus' day, but apparently I was wrong, as it is directed at each … (read more)

Looking In All The Wrong Places

July 28, 2002

My childhood neighbourhood was situated across the street from a steel mill. Once I was old enough to realize I was poor, I wanted the things I didn't have. As an adult, I "got them", and lived among people who … (read more)

The Tulip

July 27, 2002

Recently, while driving through the city, we passed a church. This was not a typical, large-city church with a new design and a modern look. It was a simple brick building that we were more accustomed to seeing in smaller … (read more)

The Lilac

July 26, 2002

The Japanese lilac tree in the front yard has not done well since it was planted three years ago. We had great hopes for this tree to be lovely, but the best that we have seen from the lilac tree … (read more)

Our Own Understanding

July 25, 2002

Recently I heard a Christian couple, Geoff and Sandra Moon, tell the story of how their two children were killed in a tragic car accident, how God had used their Christian testimony in the media, and how they had coped … (read more)

The Necklace

July 24, 2002

My husband gave me a necklace when we were married, a little over thirteen years ago. It is a gold chain with a gold cross. The cross is cut plainly, with bevelled edges that catch the light. I have broken … (read more)

Weavers All Are We

July 23, 2002

In my work in India and Nepal, I visit many weaving centres, operated for training purposes by many of the church and para-church organizations. Although a weaver myself, I never realized that there are so many different styles of looms. … (read more)


July 22, 2002

I get a lot of e-mails. They keep me in touch with who and what needs praying about around the world. It helps me to keep my feet upon the ground — at least I would like to think so. … (read more)

The One That Got Away

July 21, 2002

I grew up in a small town situated close to the Thames River, in southern Ontario, Canada. From March 15 to April 15 every year, the river is designated as a nature reserve. This is to allow hundreds of pickerel … (read more)

I'll Start With You

July 20, 2002

When we want to purchase sporting goods or camping equipment we usually take a look at the major Canadian hardware chain store located in our neighbourhood to see what is available. We have been customers there for several years. I … (read more)

Accept God's Free Gift

July 19, 2002

Everyone loves a bargain! My daughter and I have started going to garage sales on the long weekends when she comes to visit us. As well, we've discovered Value Village, a charity-operated discount store that sells used clothes, books, household … (read more)

What Is Safety?

July 18, 2002

The night was dark, as nights are in rural India after 6 p.m., and my husband and I, as guests of a bishop of the Church of North India, were travelling by car, with the bishop and his wife, back … (read more)

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

July 17, 2002

After experiencing some difficulties with our computer, my husband came to the conclusion that we needed a new modem. While the side panel of the computer was off, I looked inside and was amazed at all the cables, circuit boards … (read more)


July 16, 2002

I read the prayer requests on the Daily website, and I make a few myself, from time to time. That is what it is there for. I enjoy this sense of community, and I am even surprised that God answers … (read more)

Forgive Us As We Forgive Others

July 15, 2002

Years ago at a World Day of Prayer Service, we were given small slips of paper and were told to write down the names of people we would like to forgive and receive forgiveness from. I was a young mother … (read more)

My Fair Lady

July 14, 2002

On a recent holiday in Ontario, Canada, we attended a wonderful performance of the classic musical, My Fair Lady, at the Stratford Festival Theatre. Although I was familiar with the music, I had never heard the dialogue or seen a … (read more)

Thoughts On A Boiled Egg

July 13, 2002

One day recently, an egg I had boiled for my breakfast evoked my sense of awe. I wondered how anyone could behold the perfection of its shape, the beauty of its construction, and the promise of life within, and yet … (read more)

In The Dark Times

July 12, 2002

We have all had times when we experienced the nearness and greatness of God. He is always near us, drawing us closer to Himself. I recall the time when I was on board ship, going to Singapore for language study … (read more)

Where Are You Going?

July 11, 2002

While recently caring for Mary, the six-year-old daughter of an ill friend, I found myself reading to her from her favourite book, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. We had come to the part in the story … (read more)

Seeing The Big Picture

July 10, 2002

The Sunday morning drive to church in the beautiful Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, countryside turned my thoughts to the 104th Psalm, the focus of my meditation for the day. The more I thought about the words of the Psalm, the more … (read more)

Gifts Of The Spirit

July 9, 2002

I had always felt inferior as a teacher, because I did not have a teaching degree, as many of the church's teachers did. One day I read today's scripture. It did not say, "Renew your mind by getting a teaching … (read more)

Out Of The Nest

July 8, 2002

It's that time of year when the new, young robins are out of the nest. Although they are as big as their parents, the only way I can distinguish them is by the speckles on their breasts. All day long, … (read more)

Refilling The Love

July 7, 2002

I have an old, blue robe. I have had this robe for many years. It is worn and faded, but it is also warm and comforting. My children grew up watching me emerge from my daily shower in my old, … (read more)

Finding My Centre

July 6, 2002

Each relationship is balanced like a seesaw; both ends must have weight, substance, or there is no relationship. It is dynamic, not static, meaning that there is communication, which may be seen in the rise and fall of each side … (read more)


July 5, 2002

"I've lived in this house for thirty-seven years," the distraught woman's voice came across the airwaves on the evening news. As I listened to the story, the cause of the woman's tears was explained. Several years before, a team of … (read more)

Do We Have A Minute To Spare?

July 4, 2002

During my work period in India, I frequently visited the capital city, New Delhi, one of the busiest cities in the world. Traffic is atrocious and long delays are "par for the course". One thing I noticed very quickly was … (read more)

True Or False?

July 3, 2002

There have been times in my life when God has "long been silent", not because He had nothing to say to me, but because I was not in the mood to listen. My Bible, while sitting on the bookshelf, had … (read more)

No Longer Timid

July 2, 2002

When I was a teenager, I spent hours reading poetry. I particularly enjoyed modern poetry, the kind that does not rhyme. In secret, I also wrote poems and would share them with one or two special friends. I did not … (read more)

Our Hope Is In The Lord

July 1, 2002

Several close friends have been hit with problems that came without any warning at all. As the difficulties grew, they became filled with fear and anxiety. I've experienced those types of problems, and possibly you have too. So what can … (read more)


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