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The Rainbow Trout

April 30, 2002

Have you ever been fishing? I grew up in Maryland and Florida, so I used to go fishing all the time. I love fishing, especially since I caught the most fish. When you catch trout, the minute you pull them … (read more)

Being Present

April 29, 2002

Every Tuesday, I spend five hours sitting outside in the shade of the Better Hope Church, before going out into the community to visit church members. We advertise my presence in the church building as widely as possible. Better Hope … (read more)

What God Desires Most

April 28, 2002

For some time now, I have found that I am extremely hard on myself, when it comes to my walk with Christ, and rightly so. I hold myself to a higher standard than I do other people, and I often … (read more)

The Conversation

April 27, 2002

"Guess who called today!" my husband excitedly asked me upon my arrival home from work. Names and faces flashed through my mind instantly. "It was Sierra," my husband said. "She wanted to talk to Magga [her name for grandmother], and … (read more)

I Love My Communion

April 26, 2002

Auntie Doris moved back to the East Coast Demerara, Guyana. She has no family, no close friends, and, until recently, has had no place to live. But she is a wonderful, gentle, caring octogenarian, now 82 years of age. Her … (read more)

From The Heart

April 25, 2002

The bread used in our church for communion is the unleavened wafer, which, when taken into the mouth, dissolves slowly on the tongue. Each time I take this bread, I hold it in my mouth until I return to my … (read more)

Holding On

April 24, 2002

While we were out on a boat, crossing a part of the Gulf of Mexico, we experienced choppy, wind-blown waters. I noted that everywhere there were rails to reach out to, in order to maintain my balance, and remain steadfast … (read more)

Friend Or Foe?

April 23, 2002

We have all heard, or been told, that we should choose our friends wisely. Well, James gives us even more insight into this old advice, as he shares with us the heart of God. Nowhere in the scriptures will we … (read more)

Friend After My Own Heart

April 22, 2002

I am one of those people who like observing. I love studying the bonds between friends. Sometimes, people choose friends who are exactly like themselves, who are totally different from themselves, who strengthen those they are around, or who make … (read more)


April 21, 2002

I know this father. He invited me to his home. We ate and talked and shared our loves and concerns. He asked me to accompany him to his son's bedroom. "My son is very ill. He is suffering from OCD … (read more)

The Kleenex Under My Pillow

April 20, 2002

Lord, here I am, making up the bed, gathering the sheets, and smoothing them over. I just picked up the pillow to fluff it up, and there they were — the Kleenex under my pillow — still wet from last … (read more)

God Is With Us 24-7

April 19, 2002

A few months ago, our son had a homework assignment, and, as is often the case, the homework arrived the night before it was due. This particular task was to make a three-dimensional work of art that helped to explain … (read more)

Protecting The Family

April 18, 2002

Everywhere I look around me, I see families falling apart. Being witness to so many family break-ups is quite a devastating experience. To sit in a room with two people who once were "in love", and see them argue about … (read more)

Jesus Wept

April 17, 2002

Recently I watched a BBC programme about two deaths in Ramallah, part of a series about war in the Middle East and its causes. As I watched, I perceived the fear, terror, and hatred in the faces on both sides. … (read more)

Upsell! Upsell! Upsell!

April 16, 2002

Did you ever go into a gas station or convenience store just to buy a paper? The conversation might go something like this: "Want to buy a lottery ticket to go with that?" "Uhm, no thank you, just the paper … (read more)

Catching God's Fish

April 15, 2002

God has been giving me this analogy lately because the following situation exists in my life. When Christians go fishing after their families and friends who have rejected them and Jesus time and time again, it becomes unproductive. The Christians … (read more)

New Vision

April 14, 2002

This past year, I went to have an eye examination. It was four years earlier that I had been told I had the beginning of cataracts on both eyes, one more advanced than the other. Since the last exam I … (read more)

Mrs. Christian

April 13, 2002

Recently, I attended my daughter Bethany's Grade One class, to help with a field trip. They had been studying busy people. The field trip took us on a walk through town, visiting people who help us in our neighbourhood. First, … (read more)


April 12, 2002

Today's scripture, written by King Solomon, appears near the end of a work that, quite honestly, contains many discouraging words. In his writings, Solomon continually states that he sees much of life as vanity, as meaningless, or as a chasing … (read more)

Just Gaffing

April 11, 2002

I was visiting Sister Esther a while ago, and, in the conversation, I asked her how the day had gone for her daughter Annie who had just turned 23. Birthdays are a big thing here in Guyana. Esther smiled, and … (read more)

Three Very Special Words

April 10, 2002

"I wuv ooh, too!" With a twinkle in her eye, and a smile to disperse the gloomiest of days, Sierra Marie, my granddaughter, spoke these words in response to my "I love you." "I love you." Three very special words … (read more)

Early One Morning

April 9, 2002

Early one morning, I awoke, and wrote a few things down from my discussion with the Lord, that have developed into a sense of what the Lord was saying to me: I love to hear the sound of your voice, … (read more)

This Is Love – Sermon From The Shore

April 8, 2002

Have you ever experienced a time when a heavy heart crowded out the evidence of God's love? Recently while grieving the loss of someone dear to me, instead of being able to cast all my cares upon him, I found … (read more)

He Said It All!

April 7, 2002

Just shortly after I became a Christian, I was still questioning many things and got to the point of finally yelling out loud (while in my car, alone), "Okay God, if you are really real, show me something, right now!" … (read more)

Shredding My Life

April 6, 2002

Recently the Board of my church arranged to paint our manse. In order for this to happen, I had to clean out my office. If you had ever seen it, you would know what a job that was! When I … (read more)


April 5, 2002

With spring slowly approaching, I decided to tackle the big job of sorting all the clothing that I own into a "storage for next winter" pile, a "give-away" pile and an "undecided" pile. I find it simply amazing how much … (read more)

Excess Baggage

April 4, 2002

We're in the process of moving, after living in the same house for the past 31 years. I can't believe how much we've accumulated over the years! I'm trying to sort through things as I pack, and not keep anything … (read more)

Who Turned Out The Lights?

April 3, 2002

Although this winter has now been declared the warmest on record for us in Southern Ontario, Canada, there have still been a few storms we could have done without. We had one such storm recently. Even though it was still … (read more)

Broken Branches

April 2, 2002

If you were to discuss the West Coast of Canada with anyone, you might likely be told that "it never snows there", though indeed it does. We had quite a heavy snowfall the first week of February. Soft, wet, heavy … (read more)

Free Indeed

April 1, 2002

The cold rain had been falling all morning. Not a fit day outside for man or beast, I thought to myself, quite content to have no reason at all to venture out, away from dry house and hot cup of … (read more)


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