Ocean Sunset

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Psalm 29:3-4 – The voice of the Lord is heard on the seas; the glorious God thunders, and his voice echoes over the ocean. The voice of the Lord is heard in all its might and majesty. (GNB)

We had just arrived at the northern coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It was late evening, and we were gathered with several others on a boardwalk that wound its way through magnificent sand dunes, molded and carved by the blowing winds. Sometimes the winds are gentle, but, at other times, fierce gales whip the shoreline into a frenzy of froth and spray. This night, the breezes were calm, and the gently rolling waves gave little evidence of the power lying just beneath the surface.

All eyes were lifted to the sky, as the brilliant glowing sun descended ever so slowly. As it neared the horizon, it lit the golden sands and rocky cliffs with fire, as though God had touched the earth with His hand. For a few moments, the world stopped. Then the sun dipped below the horizon, and our eyes focused once again on earthly things.

There are many moments in our lives that can be shared with God. His presence is in the majesty of a sunset, or the insignificance of a grain of sand. He can be felt in the awesome power of a raging gale, or the gentle touch of a sunbeam. And He is waiting, ever so patiently, for us to be in communion with Him.

Prayer: Great Creator, we thank You for the moments in life that we can share with You. You have created so many opportunities to look upon Your magnificence. Let us hear You, see You, be with You. Amen.

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