Sand Dunes

Sunday, September 1, 2002

Isaiah 1:18 – You are stained red with sin, but I will wash you as clean as snow. (GNB)

The northern coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada, has made a great impression on me. As we travelled across the province towards the coast, we passed through fields and farmland. We drove along crystal bays and entered forest that threatened to reclaim the narrow country roads.

With the great diversity in such a small area, it shouldn't have come as a surprise when we reached the ocean. Yet, I was not prepared for the awesome display of God's power.

Great cliffs of red sandstone rise above the surging tide. Layer upon layer of stone form a solid barrier against the waves. The rocky shore is not impermeable, however. Over time, wind and waves break the rock into tiny particles of sand. Blown back into the ocean by the constant winds, they are washed of their red colour, then re-deposited in great pale dunes, some distance from the shore.

As God's love flows over us, we are also changed. He can enter even the hardest heart and break down the walls of pain and anger, suffering and fear. The blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, can then wash us clean.

Prayer: Forgiving Father, You sacrificed Your Son so that we can be freed from sin. You can take our cold hearts and break down all our walls. Let us feel Your cleansing love wash over us. Amen.

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