Who Turned Out The Lights?

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Psalm 31:3 – You are my refuge and defence; guide me and lead me as you have promised. (GNB)

Although this winter has now been declared the warmest on record for us in Southern Ontario, Canada, there have still been a few storms we could have done without. We had one such storm recently.

Even though it was still early March, we had been having warm, spring-like temperatures, complete with "April showers". There was a cold front moving in, however, and, because the temperature variation was so great, it produced high winds, and then snow. Shingles were blown off houses; sheets of metal on barn roofs were twisted and mangled. Anything that wasn't tied down was whipped away by the winds. Many trees were either snapped, or pulled out by their roots. Some of these trees were responsible for taking down hydro lines as well. We were without power.

You don't realize how much you rely on electricity until it is gone. We had no heat, because, although we have a gas furnace, we have an electric thermostat. All of our alarm clocks are electric, so my husband had to call his place of employment and ask for a wake-up call. We couldn't cook. Evening activities were limited to reading, which is difficult by candlelight or flashlight. We were cold, in the dark, and alone.

And yet, we were not alone, for God was with us. His power never goes out. He warms our hearts. He lights our way. He feeds our souls. He is with us for all time.

John 1:4-5,9 – The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out. This was the real light — the light that comes into the world and shines on all mankind. (GNB)

Prayer: Loving God, You feed us, love us, warm our hearts. Be our light, a beacon in the darkness. Keep us safe in Your loving arms. Amen.

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